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Another 'does anyone remember this book' thread.

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FromMeToYou Sun 10-May-15 13:55:59

I read it in the late '70s or early '80s. It was about a girl, possibly called Persephone, who lived with her parents and ?brother? above a chip shop. There was a sister who went to a boarding ballet school. The brother also had a talent, but the main character did not, so people always said that she had beautiful teeth. The other siblings did too but they also had other talents whereas she did not. I think she had the attic bedroom.

Any ideas?

Allstoppedup Sun 10-May-15 14:01:48

This is Pennys way?

halcyondays Sun 10-May-15 14:02:17

According to abebooks forum, this is Penny's Way by Mary K Harris.

Allstoppedup Sun 10-May-15 14:03:06

That's meant to say Is it Pennys way!

FromMeToYou Sun 10-May-15 14:05:10

Oh you bunch of absolute geniuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or genii??????????!!

Thank you!!!

drinkscabinet Sun 10-May-15 15:02:44

I've got one, it was set in the Civil War and was about a sister and her brothers (who I think fought on different sides). I think the first chapter had a message left in a tree. Anyone remember it?

NotMyChashkaChai Sun 10-May-15 15:05:14

is that "the children of the new forest" by captain merrywhat (sp?)?

ThumbWitchesAbroad Sun 10-May-15 15:14:14

I still have Penny's Way. Good book.

nettie Sun 10-May-15 15:16:06

Can I add two books to the forgotten list,

The first one is about a Marmalade cat that gets shut in a removal van and ends up in a new place possibly on the coast. Cat isn't called marmalde though which is all that comes up when I search for it.

The other is about a little girl possible called Katie something who is getting ready to start school and has to catch a bus to school each day.

Both books probably late 70s/early 80s and easy chapter books.

These are the two books from my childhood that bug me most, but I do have loads of others I'd love to find if you're up for the hunt!


ThumbWitchesAbroad Sun 10-May-15 15:26:27

Can't say I remember either of those 2, nettie, sorry.

As another slight side track, I put "forgotten children's books" into a search engine, and Goodreads came up with this list of books "that most people haven't heard of" - I'm horrified by some of the books on there! And quite sad.

madamehooch Sun 10-May-15 19:05:45

I always add my please find my book request every time one of these threads appears in the hope that someone apart from me may remember it.

It was a young teen title from the eighties about a boy called Chris who fancies a girl called Julie but she fancies an older boy called Steve. Julie buys really boring presents from a catalogue and decides to cook fish and chips for Steve but sets the kitchen on fire so rushes down the chip shop asking them to cook fish in breadcrumbs instead of batter to make it look homemade. ..

I'm not saying it's a quality read but it's been bugging me for ages.

SunshineOnTheBalcony Sun 10-May-15 19:29:53

Nettie, could yours be Mary Kate by Helen Morgan?

Lots of short stories, I know in one she is starting school and gets the school bus.

SunshineOnTheBalcony Sun 10-May-15 19:38:50

Can I add one as well.

It was a children's book, maybe aimed at teens. I think I read it in the 90's

About a boy called Jake and (I think) his brother. Jake was blind, but had been taught to manage everyday things so well he didn't appear blind at all - in fact was more competent than most people. He was able to ride a bike by listening for echoes for example. I think he had been taught by some sort of mentor, who was now dead.

I think he had to solve some sort of mystery, or overcome some sort of adversity. Not sure how the brother fitted in.

It's not impossible that the book was set in America.

I think Jake had red hair.

ImperialBlether Sun 10-May-15 19:44:27

Can I add one? I read a book - think it was called The Wooden Doll and it had special powers. It's not The Little Wooden Doll - I've seen that one. Does anyone remember reading it? I think I was about 8-10 when I read it.

Havingamoraldilemma Sun 10-May-15 19:47:52

Can I add mine? It was a teen book, set in Canada. Girl runs away to look for her sister who ran away a few years before. On the way she has her money stolen and ends up being offered a lift by some handsome young stranger. He drives her to where she wants to go and obviously they fall in love! smile Eventually finds her sister who has had a baby. Think the title was something to do with moons?

Sunseed Sun 10-May-15 20:01:57

Nettie - maybe "Orlando - the marmalade cat"? I think he ended up on a boat to Dieppe?

Jux Sun 10-May-15 21:29:27

Orlando, the Marmalade Cat was one of our childhood reads, so early to mid 60s. We would get it from the Library frequently when we couldn't find other things we wanted to read. Same with Mary Plain.

Eastpoint Sun 10-May-15 21:30:49

I loved Mary Plain.

scrivette Sun 10-May-15 21:41:19

I know another person on here is also looking for this book and it has been bugging me for years.

A young girl lives in a large house with her grandparents and Aunt Clare. They are quite well off and I think they live in London.

Towards the end of the book she gets a nanny and the nanny is horrible to her and ends up putting a dead crow in the child's bed as a punishment.

It is written from the child's point of view.

Laska42 Sun 10-May-15 21:57:01

ok how about this one> , a cat lives with an old woman ,he wants adventure and she thinks that he is too lively and wants him to be a quiet indoor house cat .. The cat dreams about to going to sea which he believes is pink and fizzy.
One day the old woman's seafaring brother comes to tea and he is wearing a trapper hat , when he leaves, instead of putting onthe hat he puts the sleeping cat on his head, and leaves his hat on the sofa.. the old woman is happy because her 'cat' ia nice and quiet and sleeps all day the brother is happy because his 'hat 'is much warmer than it was before, and the cat gers to see the world and have adventures.. the cat is amazed to see that the sea is blue and not pink aftre all ..

This was a favourite in our house and we stilltalk about the mysterious pink and fizzy sea to our cat! . id love to get this again to read to my small DGCs

Any ideas?

DeeWe Sun 10-May-15 22:37:33

MadamHooch is that a Joan Lingard one? Perhaps something like "Frying as usual", but can't remember which particular one it was.

Allstoppedup Sun 10-May-15 22:47:42

laksa is it The 3 Legged Cat? grin

SanityClause Sun 10-May-15 22:52:16

Ooh, I half remember that one, Laksa!

nettie Sun 10-May-15 23:32:49

Yes, Mary Kate and the School Bus, thank you so much.

Orlando the cat doesn't look familiar, I seem to think the book had very life-like detailed pictures in very muted colours.

madamehooch Mon 11-May-15 06:06:32

Unfortunately not Deewe but thanks for the suggestion.

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