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books for newborn

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samroberts2 Mon 04-May-15 09:04:26

hi. are there any books i can buy for a newborn baby or a few months old. im stuck with toy ideas.

caravanista13 Mon 04-May-15 09:08:35

Lots of the 'classic' children's books (The Gruffalo, Peep Bo, We're Going on a Bearhunt, The Tiger Who Came to Tea etc) come in board book formats. Perfect for parents to read to tinies and pretty indestructible.

lauren222 Mon 04-May-15 09:15:06

The Baby Shapes 4 Books and Mobile Set from amazon is good. My son particularly likes the book with the faces in it.

emmaMBC Wed 06-May-15 19:58:12

A beautiful Alice in Wonderland edition like this one.

How about your favourite picture books, with an inscription inside the front cover?

sparkysparkysparky Thu 07-May-15 15:31:39

Cat in the Hat. Look at me! Look at me! Look at me, NOW!

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