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Weekly Newspaper First News: from what age?

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nadhan Wed 14-Jan-15 12:38:58


I would like to subscribe to a weekly news magazine for my son, 7 1/2. I saw "First News", but I find it hard to believe it can cater for a large span of ages: 7 to 14 years old. Surely news is presented differently for a 7 years then for a 14 years old?

I would appreciate feedback from parents who have given this magazine to their kids, a what age. What was good about it/not so good. Is is too early for a 7 1/2?

Many thanks

Booksteensmagazines Thu 15-Jan-15 09:46:36

I think it is primary aged based. My children stopped looking at it when they were around 11 when they found it a bit young. I can't remember what age that started looking at it but it's good in that it replicates a newspaper in its format, there are activities/competitions for children, it does discuss issues of interest for children. Some of my friends felt it dumbed down a bit but I thought it was fine for primary.

Booksteensmagazines Thu 15-Jan-15 09:47:39

Forgot - you can buy it at newsagents or supermarkets as a one off like any newspaper and try it out first before subscribing.

unclerory Sat 17-Jan-15 23:25:04

We bought it at the supermarket to try it out for DD1, she was 6 (nearly 7) at the time (but a very good reader) she liked bits of it but I think it was still a bit old. I'd probably buy it when there was a big event I wanted her to know about but not every week.

stupidgreatgrinonmyface Sat 17-Jan-15 23:50:02

We have this at the primary school where I work. I think that it is tricky to cater for the whole age group and there are definitely some stories that I am surprised they include. When My own DCs were that age, we subscribed to Aquila which, though not news based and published monthly, we found really good. it was always read cover to cover, many or the activities were tried and competitions entered. It was fun, but not patronising to the DCs and I would definitly recommend that you take a look.

diamondage Tue 20-Jan-15 11:47:11

My DD, 6, really enjoyed her first copy which we picked up at the newsagents locally. She felt very grown up reading it while we read our paper - her face was a picture!

I wouldn't expect her to read it cover to cover any more than I read our newspaper cover to cover. She read the things that interested her and there were enough of those for me to think it's a nice treat purchase.

I'm not sure about whether it's worth a subscription, but that's more to do with her not having the time than anything else. Having said that I'll be looking out for the next issue at our local shop!

Thesnowmansnose Fri 23-Jan-15 21:27:36

Just a health warning - deliveries are TERRIBLY unreliable. Me and 2 other friends are giving up now: kids adore it, but I now can't even remember when the last issue arrived. They blame Royal Mail, but it's even worse when it's a courier delivery.
So I'd advise not subscribing. DS (7) loved it tho...

steppeinginto2015 Fri 23-Jan-15 21:33:44

I am buying it for dd aged 9. She is a little immature but very good reader. She likes it. Dd2 is 7 and a great reader, she is picking it up to read too.

ds is year 7, and he is too old for it.

LePetitMarseillais Sun 25-Jan-15 17:55:36

We have it and it's extremely reliable(much better than the Beano). Comes with the post,delivered by the postman without fail every Fri/Sat. Never had an issue not delivered.

Thesnowmansnose Mon 26-Jan-15 12:22:20

Envy envy.
yet another week with no paper here...

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