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Detectives (or psychics!), please help me figure out what this book is, with minimal information!

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DropYourSword Tue 30-Dec-14 08:50:09

My mum bought me a book for birthday/Christmas one year on the recommendation of a teacher. I remember reading it and 'Freddie and the Enormouse' around the same time so think I could have been 8 ish.

I just remember the book being about a boy and a bear (think it was live rather than a teddy) and they were on an islands (I think). I remember the island feeling a little creepy/haunted and like it was covered in bare trees, possibly snow. They walked around hand in hand and I think they were. Bit scared.

That's ALL I recall but have been trying to identify this book for years. Any chances this is ringing a bell with anyone? I could easily have details incorrect!

Sherborne Tue 30-Dec-14 08:53:08

The Island of Skog?

DropYourSword Tue 30-Dec-14 09:20:01

Just googled Island of's not that one sad

DrownedGirl Tue 30-Dec-14 09:21:28

What year do you think it was?

CaulkheadUpNorth Tue 30-Dec-14 09:24:35

Touching spirit bear?

DrownedGirl Tue 30-Dec-14 09:27:36

This might help

DrownedGirl Tue 30-Dec-14 09:31:36

springalong Tue 30-Dec-14 09:31:46

Have you asked your mum? She might remember more details from the original recommendation

DropYourSword Tue 30-Dec-14 09:32:54

I would have read it maybe 1989 or 1990, but it might not have been a new book at that time. Just looked up Touching Spirit Bear, it's not that either, although I think 14 year old me would have loved it!

DropYourSword Tue 30-Dec-14 09:34:02

I asked mum, she can't remember unfortunately.

DropYourSword Tue 30-Dec-14 09:48:39

Thanks for the book sleuth link drownedgirl I didn't know it existed and it looks like they've solved queries on less info than mine!!

DeWee Thu 01-Jan-15 11:10:17

Wasn't a Beaver and Beaver Towers was it? The boy was called Philip and was taken to the island by a large kite.

DropYourSword Thu 01-Jan-15 11:25:51

That's ringing a bell...going to google now!

DropYourSword Thu 01-Jan-15 11:30:31

IT WAS! That's exactly the one! As soon as I saw the picture of the book cover I knew it was right. The little beaver was Baby B. Thanks DeWee, am so please to have finally found it.

springalong Thu 01-Jan-15 20:47:46

Well done smile Love a happy ending!

DeWee Fri 02-Jan-15 00:14:47

It was one of db's favourite books, and I read them to ds last year and he liked them, so we donated a copy of each to the school library. But there were only 2 when db read them and now there are 4 or 5.

I love the mechanics (Mike, Ann and Nick) and the way Baby B says Philip "Flipip" I think.

Glad to be of help. They got mentioned a couple of times in the favourite children's book thread too.

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