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The Jolly Christmas Postman

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EllieWid74 Mon 01-Dec-14 11:07:17

Hey All,

I am looking for a first edition of 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' - can anyone help? I have found some on eBay but at £80+!!!



CaulkheadUpNorth Mon 01-Dec-14 11:13:08

Does it need to be new?

EllieWid74 Mon 01-Dec-14 17:33:19

Not necessarily, just in good condition would be greatsmile

CaulkheadUpNorth Mon 01-Dec-14 17:36:17

I don't have one, so can't help there, but do you have a local oxfam books? I volunteered in one for a while and they often have a lot of books in storage and might be able to help?

shakemysilliesout Tue 09-Dec-14 09:47:49

First edition? £80 sounds reasonable to me. I wouldn't sell if I had one though!

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