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Recommendations for good reader nearly 7YO DS

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MrsJamin Wed 22-Oct-14 20:43:28

DS1 is loving reading (going through books at a rate of knots) but he's nearing the end of the books I can think of that might be suitable for him. He's read most of the standard Roald Dahl books, and Stig of the dump, but I'm not sure what he could read next. Is David Walliams a bit too old in terms of themes? I don't want the kind of book that describes intense friendship/family problems - as he doesn't really have any! I don't want to just stick with older classics so any modern day authors would be good.

BlueChampagne Thu 23-Oct-14 12:33:58

Sounds like my DS1, who's just a couple of months older, so here are some of his recommendations:

Roddy Doyle
Worst Witch
Dick King-Smith
some Michael Morpurgo (eg The Sandman and the Turtles)
101 Dalmatians
Charlotte's Web
Horrid Henry

Just started Roman Mysteries - a bit more complex in plot terms.

MrsJamin Sun 26-Oct-14 04:50:06

Thanks! Will look them up. He's currently racing through Danny the champion of the world.

Leeds2 Sun 26-Oct-14 11:45:26

Mr Gum series.

Jeremy Strong books.

How To Train Your Dragon series.

Spy Dog/Spy Pups series.

SpockSmashesScissors Sun 26-Oct-14 11:58:39

DS liked The Magic Faraway Tree books

The Dragon Sitter books by Josh Lacey

Astrosaurs series by Steve Cole

Cows in Action series by Steve Cole

all Steve Cole books are still favourites of DS he's 10, he's reading one of his new books, Aliens Stink, at the moment.

Beast Quest series

Pigs in Planes series

MmeMorrible Sun 26-Oct-14 12:10:16

DS is also 7 & loves many if the suggestions above. Some additions that have worked well for us are:

Atticus Claw (detective cat) series
Dinosaur Cove series by Rex Stone
Pet Rescue series
Paws & Whiskers short story collection
Dragons of Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett
Harry Potter (currently reading, loved 1 & 2 now starting book 3)

peaz Sun 26-Oct-14 14:25:20

These are great, so thanks MrsJ for posting this question! DS is 7 in May and has had a sudden reading spurt. He loves Horrid Henry but I really don't like it! Was thinking of Roald Dahl but didn't know what else. This is really helpful.

emmaMBC Wed 29-Oct-14 11:24:30

Fortunately, the milk from master story teller Neil Gaiman,

Dixie O Day by Shirley Hughes,

The newly released Cakes in Space is brilliant fun!

... and if you enjoyed Dahl, you must give The Grunts a go too. Very funny and brilliantly written.

mabelbabel Wed 29-Oct-14 11:30:05

Enid Blyton. If he finds he likes them, then they'll keep you busy for a while! I didn't read them as a child, but my daughter LOVES Famous Five, Five Findouters and Secret Seven. Plus there are lots of other great suggestions above.

DeWee Wed 29-Oct-14 22:10:51

My ds (just 7yo) preferred the Adventure series to Famous Five. he also loves the My Story, Horrible Histories and currently reading some Diana Wynne Jones (Power of Three).
We went out into the country today and he was eyeing up any expanses of water to see if it was standing water, or if there were thorn bushes planted in, to see if he needed to watch out for Dorigs!

MrsJamin Sun 02-Nov-14 07:09:22

Fab, thanks everyone for your suggestions, will get on to requesting some from the library.

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