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Recommendations for girl, 11 please.

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differentnameforthis Wed 15-Oct-14 06:28:07

Dd1 has just finished the Hunger Games trilogy (loved it)

Is looking for something else to read, but isn't sure what & I am not really 'up' on what is available for her age group.

Read Harry Potter, Warrriors, Wolves of the Beyond.
Is waiting for the first in the 'The last 13' to come back into the library.

Likes adventures & action. No 'soppy stuff or romantic stuff please' (her words)

Can anyone suggest anything please.


18yearstooold Wed 15-Oct-14 06:49:17

Dd likes the Gone series by Michael Grant

Gone, Hunger, Lies etc

They need to be read in order

It's about a world where all the adults disappear and the children start to uncover special powers

It is quite gritty but probably on a par with hunger games

feetheart Wed 15-Oct-14 07:04:37

DD is currently working her way through Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and loving it smile. She started off with the Tiffany Aching ones that are aimed at younger readers (i.e. not necessarily adults) but is on to the others now.
She also really enjoyed The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but had been listening to the original radio series before starting the books.
'Itch' and 'Itch Rocks' by Simon Mayo have also been very popular with DD, DH and myself recently - fighting as to who reads it first smile

somuchtosortout Wed 15-Oct-14 07:11:45

The Oracle

journey to the river sea

both beautifully written books and great stories

differentnameforthis Wed 15-Oct-14 07:26:12

18yearstooold Sounds like she would enjoy that!

Thank you all for the suggestions.

JoanCallamezzo Wed 15-Oct-14 07:30:23

I was going to suggest Journey to the River Sea too!

Also Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

emmaMBC Wed 15-Oct-14 08:58:18

have a look at

Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy - a bit of a fantasy & adventure rolled into one. Brilliantly written.

The Secret Hen House Theatre - great adventure style novel.

Takver Wed 15-Oct-14 09:38:03

In the Hunger Games vein: Divergent trilogy / Uglies trilogy (bit of romance, but no more than HG)
Insignia series (more sci-fi adventure)
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series if she hasn't read them
Agree with Gone series

Takver Wed 15-Oct-14 09:44:54

Assume she's read the Artemis Fowl books? If not, I'm sure she'd like them, plus his various others.

InMySpareTime Wed 15-Oct-14 09:45:39

Joseph Delaney's "Spooks" series,
The Strangeling's Tale
The "WondLa" series (I think by Tony DiTerlizzi),
A series of unfortunate events

differentnameforthis Wed 15-Oct-14 11:21:27

Assume she's read the Artemis Fowl books? Don't think so...I'll look into it with her.

We have A series of unfortunate events on backorder at the library.

Thanks again, I'll get her to look at the suggestions with me tomorrow (it's bedtime in Oz now) and see what she thinks.

Really appreciate it.

Booksteensmagazines Wed 15-Oct-14 12:32:28

Divergent by Veronica Ross is a good follow on from Hunger Games

In the same vein is Maze Runner by James Dashner and the film is just out

Split Second by Sophie McKenzie is another dystopian story, set in London. There is a bit of romance but it is not soppy

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman is an excellent,thought provoking read

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) is also very good and very well written

Takver Wed 15-Oct-14 13:10:03

Percy Jackson is the other obvious series that I reckon she'd really like if she hasn't read them.

differentnameforthis Wed 15-Oct-14 13:57:44

There is a bit of romance but it is not soppy I think she would cope with that, she just doesn't want the girl fawning over boy type thing.

Thanks again..will make a note of all these for her to work her way through!

elenasmile Wed 15-Oct-14 19:33:28

Alice in the wonderland, Jane Eyer. Why not? Good books for children

Roseformeplease Wed 15-Oct-14 19:35:36

My DD loves the James Patterson Maximum Ride series.

purplegirl16 Wed 15-Oct-14 19:38:11

My dd loved The Cherub series by Robert Muchamore, about 12 of them!

oslomum Wed 15-Oct-14 21:42:00

dd 11y at this moment also reading above mentioned Divergent series and also got the new Percy Jackson (no one replied to my first ever thread about the new Percy Jackson few days ago but hey ho...)

differentnameforthis Tue 04-Nov-14 10:52:09

Just wanted to pop back & say thanks for all the suggestions. DD like the sounds of most of them & we are currently waiting for some from the library!

Vijac Tue 04-Nov-14 10:55:37

Bit old school but I loved Carries Wat.

Vijac Tue 04-Nov-14 10:55:49


Gremlingirl Tue 04-Nov-14 10:57:35

My daughter has just devoured the House of Secrets and we are eagerly awaiting the second book in the series.

TheWanderingUterus Tue 04-Nov-14 11:06:56

Sabriel / Lirael / Abhorsen

Anything by Tamora Pierce (especially the Lioness quadrology) and Mercedes Lackey (except the five hundred kingdoms). Both of these authors write fantasy books where women are the heroines.

The blue sword by Robin McKinley, actually anything by McKinley

Juliet Marillier is good, especially her earlier books

The deed of Paksennarion by Moon

The ruby in the smoke series by Pullman

yessirnosir Tue 04-Nov-14 11:16:52

Dd1 has read and loved pretty much all the suggestions here, (she's also anti soppy stuff) so I'll put forward books of the moment here - Skullduggery Pleasant.

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