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Does anyone know of.....

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Noforasking Fri 27-Jun-14 06:44:40

Any stories, suitable for 3/4 year olds which have nursery rhyme characters in? Already have Each Peach Pear Plum, and Once Upon A Time. Doing a nursery rhyme topic with my nursery class in September and want some story books that would fit in. Thanks

Thesimplethings Fri 27-Jun-14 06:46:29

Little lumpty is a good one

Loveleopardprint Fri 27-Jun-14 06:47:06

The jolly postman by Alan Ahlberg.

BikeRunSki Fri 27-Jun-14 06:47:42

Have You Ever

pinkerson Fri 27-Jun-14 06:50:20

Whose House? By colin and jacqui Hawkins is a flap book with detailed illustrations and sweet rhymes. You have to guess who lives in each house. My kids absolutely loved this book. It's 1p on amazon plus postage as it's out of print.

BikeRunSki Fri 27-Jun-14 06:50:44

Sorry, it's "Have You Ever Ever?" By Colin McNaughton

pinkerson Fri 27-Jun-14 06:51:05

Each house belongs on a nursery rhyme or fairy tale character.

HarriettandBob Fri 27-Jun-14 07:00:23

Not Last Night But The Night Before. Great book.

emmaMBC Fri 27-Jun-14 08:36:52

How about Mixed Up Fairy Tales - that might be the next stage, as it plays on their knowledge of fairy stories.

Noforasking Fri 27-Jun-14 19:23:04

Thanks, you're all marvellous, Amazon here I come!

Takver Fri 27-Jun-14 19:51:48

Would they be too young for The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig (Eugene Trivizas/Helen Oxenbury)? Looking at the Amazon reviews there's a few references to 3 year olds enjoying the role reversal.

BlueChampagne Fri 27-Jun-14 22:06:34

Second Mixed Up Fairy Tales and Not Last Night but the Night Before.

Look out for the Happily Ever After and similar series when a little bigger.

RueDeWakening Fri 27-Jun-14 22:10:24

Beware of the Storybook Wolves, and Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Book, both by Lauren Child are good.

ConcreteElephant Sun 29-Jun-14 18:43:45

The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster is tremendous fun- the characters end up spilling into each other's stories - DD (4) really enjoyed that.

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