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Female hero books for toddler girl?

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MademoiselleG Sun 11-May-14 09:07:34

As the title indicates, we are looking for good, feminist books for our dd - I say we, but really dh thinks it's totally ok that she grows up wanting to be a sparkly fairy princess in pink waiting to be rescued by a superhero ( obviously male) who will also save the world ( spew).

I am looking for something that a 2-3 yo could engage with and something that portrays female heroes but doesn't necessarily belittle men either, like some of these books do.

Any suggestions in other European languages (French, German or Spanish) welcome too.

WaitingForMe Sun 11-May-14 09:23:01

Watching this thread albeit for toddler DS.

pebblyshit Sun 11-May-14 09:25:01

drspouse Sun 11-May-14 09:38:31

Also watching!

sauvignonblacks Sun 11-May-14 09:40:38

Second vote for

sassytheFIRST Sun 11-May-14 09:43:13

Paper bag princess.

drspouse Sun 11-May-14 09:45:15

Meant to say, we don't read or buy hero type books but Julia Donaldson's Singing Mermaid is a good one - the mermaid and her female friend rescue her, based on their own abilities. DS loves walking like a mermaid.

Nowitscleanugobshite Sun 11-May-14 09:54:02

I LOVE the paper bag princess too. It's one of the first books I read to my p1 class each year and I explain exactly why Elizabeth is my type of princess!!!

glenthebattleostrich Sun 11-May-14 10:06:10

Dd is obsessed with the paper bag princess. Also got her the worst princess for her birthday yesterday but not read it yet.

Zog is good, paper dolls is beautiful and there are some good Dora books. She's an annoying little sod but always off on adventures and dd speaks some Spanish because of Dora.

LittleBearPad Sun 11-May-14 10:08:54

Try Zog. Princess Pearl doesn't want to be a princess she wants to be a doctor.

Paper bag princess is also good. Notably when she tells the prince to jog on (not in those words grin

Nowitscleanugobshite Sun 11-May-14 10:23:04

Ronald. You are a toad! And they didn't get married and live happy ever after! Or words to that effect!!! Go princess Elizabeth!!

Fideline987654321 Sun 11-May-14 10:28:19

Clever Polly and the stupid wolf

fruitpastille Sun 11-May-14 10:33:51

Emily Brown books by Cressida Cowell are good. She is adventurous and a good problem solver!

MademoiselleG Sun 11-May-14 14:45:26

Some brilliant suggestions there - thank you ! Chuckling already at the thought of princesses who tell princes where to go, refuse to kiss the toad and want to become doctors. Brilliant!
(DH is less impressed...he'll live!)

Might get DD a superhero cape and laser-sabre now.

Is Dora ok then? I just dismissed it as it was pink / sparkly / has irritating theme tune / too much merchandising. Perhaps I'll give it another go...

TeamEdward Sun 11-May-14 14:57:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CatL Tue 13-May-14 18:30:56

Definitely Zog. Love it! The gardening pirates also good -gwen the cabin girl earns respect and becomes captain by growing delicious veg for them to eat! Actually, considering how many books I read to 4yo dd,am a bit concerned there aren't more that spring to my mind!
Btw I love Roald Dahl but just read Fantastic Mr Fox as one of dds 1st chapter books and was disappointed in how pathetic Mrs Fox is!

onceuponatimeintheeast Tue 13-May-14 18:34:43

The Worst Princess - she makes friends with the dragon who sets fire to the sexist prince's pants, then she and the dragon run off and live happily ever after causing mischief and mayhem.

Creatureofthenight Tue 13-May-14 18:39:37

The Daisy books by Kes Gray - think there's one called Super Daisy?

gamescompendium Tue 13-May-14 19:21:25

Emily Brown books by Cressida Cowell are good. She is adventurous and a good problem solver!

Agree with this. Madeline is fab (and there's a whole series), as is Handa's Surprise, Katie Morag (another with a whole series), Millie's Marvellous Hat. If not worried about species then the Maisy books by Lucy Cousins, also, Silly Suzy Goose, Simp, Borka, Rosie's Walk. To be very old fashioned I love the Flower Fairies because there are male and female fairies, and I learnt my wild flowers using those books.

There are actually shockingly few picture books with female protagonists, I suspect it's because so many picture books have animal characters and so of course all animals are male hmm. It does at least get better when they get older, lots of children's classics have female leads.

Ubik1 Tue 13-May-14 19:24:10

Pirate girl - cornelian funke

My girls love it

And when a bit older yes Clever Polly. I rather liked Milly Molly Mandy too

Ubik1 Tue 13-May-14 19:26:20

Our version of Tge Paper Bag Princess says: "Ronald you are a bum!"

Do we have a different version???

Ubik1 Tue 13-May-14 19:27:30

And of course Meg in 'Meg and Mog'

SkiSchoolRun Tue 13-May-14 19:32:21

Not all Princesses wear pink

My 2.5 yo dd loves the cBeebies Peter Rabbit animation. Lily Bobtail is cool. She's so clever and spunky. (She's Hermione for toddlers!)

SkiSchoolRun Tue 13-May-14 19:32:47

We have the bum version of Paperbag too

Iamnotachewtoy Tue 13-May-14 19:35:23

I have a book from when I was small called The Practical Princess and Other Liberated Fairy Stories. It's lots of short stories. It's out of print now but you can get it from eBay and other sellers. It was good, but from what I remember the Princes weren't up to much!

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