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Books for DD who is 13 years old

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Cherrytree2013 Sun 06-Apr-14 01:19:58

Could anyone recommend some books for my 13 years old DD to read over the Easter Holiday? DD is a fast reader and loves fiction books. She has finished Harry Porter series and Hunger Games which she loved to read. I would like her to explore different types of books. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

JokersGiggle Sun 06-Apr-14 03:07:37

Artemis fowl series. Really amazing! My 12yr old niece loves them and so do I!

JokersGiggle Sun 06-Apr-14 03:09:42

"Skullduggery pleasant" series is also good but not as good as Artemis fowl.
So is the "Mr Monday" series.
But Arty is the best ever!

Chloerose75 Sun 06-Apr-14 03:11:41

If she likes hunger games and Harry potter, she would probably like divergent by Veronica Roth. There are three in the series and it's being made into a film so she may well know it anyway.

Also his dark materials trilogy and Malory Blackman noughts and crosses.

Sid77 Sun 06-Apr-14 03:36:42

A bit old fashioned, but great - The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper, also rosemary sutcliffe (again, an oldie but a goodie) wrote historical novels for young adults about Romans/Anglo Saxons if she's into history.

PlinkyPlonker Sun 06-Apr-14 04:39:21

I started reading Terry Pratchett around that age. Also Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series is a great (and very long!) set of fantasy books which might be another she'd like

BadSeedsAddict Sun 06-Apr-14 07:24:50

How I Live Now, by Meg Rosoff. Amazing book, not a series but just brilliant.

InMySpareTime Sun 06-Apr-14 07:47:25

The Strangeling's Tale is great for teens/YA

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Sun 06-Apr-14 07:50:07

I'll ask dd (and give her these suggestions)

PilgrimSoul Sun 06-Apr-14 07:53:19

Has she read 'the fault in our stars' yet, THE book of the moment for readers that age? My dd loved the Max Cassidy trilogy by Paul Adams, very different book that the usual teenage fiction, fast paced and page turning. There is also Cathy Cassidy, more girlie but quite well written and easy reading.

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Sun 06-Apr-14 07:54:47

A Gathering Light is a lovely YA book. What about the classics, something like Jane Eyre?

Booksteensmagazines Sun 06-Apr-14 11:08:50

These are good books with different types/styles of story lines:

My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher

Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

The Double Life of cassiel Roadnight by Jenny Valentine

The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby by Natasha Farrant

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

DeWe Sun 06-Apr-14 12:02:35

Dd1 is 13yo and she loved the Stonewylde series (not sure how you spell it, by Kay Berry I think). Not sure how well known they are, she was signing books in our local shop when I went in to try and find something new for dd1, got one and dd1 was hooked.

She also likes the I am Four series, and the TimeRider series. She's just tried the first of the new series from the chap who wrote the Cherub series, but wasn't as keen. She loved Cherub and Henderson Boys though.

MinesAPintOfTea Sun 06-Apr-14 12:14:41

Tamora Pierce, starting with Alanna: The First Adventure (the titles get better)

emmaMBC Mon 07-Apr-14 10:36:10

If she loves the Hunger Games I'd suggest;

Half Bad by Sally Green , the start of a new trilogy which is totally intriguing. Only just released and it is causing quite a stir already ... and that is because the quality of the writing is awesome!

Noble Conflict by UK laureate Malorie Blackman Can't go wrong with anything by Malorie.

The Children of the King by Sonya Hartnett

Have fun!!

Lovehorror Mon 07-Apr-14 10:44:29

My daughter read the same books,then went onto the divergent,which she is enjoying.

ZeroSomeGameThingy Mon 07-Apr-14 10:47:10

BadSeeds Have you read "What I Was"? (Rosoff.) There are no words to describe how stupendous it is.

Other than that - I'm always recommending Dodie Smith's "I Capture the Castle" for teens wanting something different.

And Thomas Hardy.

And George Eliot.

Enb76 Mon 07-Apr-14 10:50:47

I started Terry Pratchett around that age too, perhaps more 12. Basically, she could read anything and it doesn't have to be YA. I started getting into the Classics at that age, particularly George Elliott and Jane Austen.

BlueHairedFreak Mon 07-Apr-14 10:54:05

My 13yo has the same taste and has just finished the Splintered series. She absolutely loved the books.

Poledra Mon 07-Apr-14 10:59:24

Look at Joan Lingard, or Mollie Hunter. I've just finished reading 'A Stranger Came Ashore' with my 10-yo. She couldn't have read it by herself, but I would expect a 13-yo to be capable. And I loved these authors when i was a child, so am delighted to reread them with the DCs.

Takver Mon 07-Apr-14 20:35:26

The Uglies series by Scott Henderson is great - I think it would definitely appeal if she liked the Hunger Games.

Takver Mon 07-Apr-14 21:15:50

sorry, Scott Westerfield

Nocomet Mon 07-Apr-14 21:33:57

My 13y goes in for Twlight, the host, divergent, city of bones and whatever other teen stuff her big sister bought between 13-16

spinnergeologist Mon 07-Apr-14 21:46:45

I would also say Tamora Peirce fantastic author still loving those books.

Belugagrad Tue 08-Apr-14 18:18:15

The colour purple

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