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books explaining evolution and the big bang theory for infant-juniour ages

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MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Wed 12-Feb-14 10:01:35

Does anyone know of a decent book on either of these topics aimed at kids under 10? Looking for something to help me answer the insatiable questions of a 6 and an 8 year old smile Possibly no duch thing exists (we have 'Evolution Revolution' but something a little simpler would be even better.)

MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Wed 12-Feb-14 12:36:30

Apologies for the spelling mistake in the title...

exexpat Wed 12-Feb-14 12:42:45

This might fit the bill: The Story of Everything but it's out of print at the moment - try a library?

Alternatively, the Horrible Science series is aimed at that sort of age; maybe this one - Horrible Science of Everything?

moonbells Wed 12-Feb-14 13:01:49

Go and search for Stephen and Lucy Hawking's children's books -

George and the Big Bang
George's Secret Key to the Universe
George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt

I have these in mind for DS!

nettie Wed 12-Feb-14 13:21:01

My two really enjoyed this when they were little, would orobably prompt more questions than answer them though!

MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Wed 12-Feb-14 13:43:33

Thanks everyone

Just placed an order for 'The Story of Life on Earth' by Nicholas Harris (for 1 penny plus postage as its only available used), The horrible Science of Everything and George and the Secret Key to the Universe (as those are a series and that seems to be the first one...). Will see how it goes. Don't have easy access to an English language library unfortunately, so will see how those 3 go down!

meglet Wed 12-Feb-14 13:56:05

Usbourne (lift the flap) - See Inside Space, starts with the big bang and how the universe formed.

MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Wed 12-Feb-14 18:05:49

Thanks meglet - my 6 tear old loves the Usborne flap 'see inside your body' book so that should be a suitable option. Had no idea the space one included how the universe was formed - we've got Usborne space early rwaders which don't. Have ordered a used copy of that - looks as though its hard to get new too. That's probably enough books for now, hopefully between them they'll hit the spot!

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