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Desperately Seeking decent books for 7yo boy

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crazy88 Mon 02-Dec-13 20:26:25

Ds1 is nearly 7, is a very capable reader but is not that keen on reading alone. I need to find him some decent, accessible, imaginative chapter books that are not too long, preferably about ordinary kids having 'adventures'. He has read the first 4 books in the "magic tree house" series and really enjoyed them but has stalled now so needs some variety.

My local library consists of about 3 shelves of Rainbow Fairies books angry, a few (to me) soppy-looking books about animals, and an assortment of negative and patronising books clearly aimed at boys e.g. Horrid Henry, Dirty Bertie, Captain Underpants etc. hmm

We have tried Beast Quest/Dinosaur Cove but ds1 finds the unusual names of dinosaurs and beasts etc confusing.

Oh, and I tried Waterstones and WH Smith and it was basically the same things. Also had a look on Amazon but unless you know what you are looking for it is pretty time consuming.

Find it very frustrating actually. I was into Secret Seven at his age but had hoped to find something more up to date (I.e. with less dodgy "circus-folk" etc).... To coin a phrase, am I being unreasonable?? Any recommendations??

pancakesfortea Sun 15-Dec-13 21:49:23

The Tom Gates books have all the good features of the wimpy kid books but the lead character is much less brattish and annoying.

My boy also loves graphic novels (ie comics).

AnAdventureInCakeAndWine Sun 15-Dec-13 21:50:30

DS loved the Alfie the Werewolf series by Paul van Loon at that age (Birthday Surprise / Full Moon / Silvertooth / Wolf Wood / The Evil Triplets / Werewolf Secrets). They are about an ordinary boy who discovers on his seventh birthday that he's actually a werewolf, and the scrapes this gets him into. Obviously(!) there's a fantasy element, but he lives in a normal suburban house in a normal town and goes to a normal school so it's probably more relate-able than Beast Quest and so forth. And from a practical point of view they are a good length with nice short chapters to keep drawing the reader on.

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