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Following on from 'books for 9 yr old girl post.....'

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NellyTheElephant Fri 08-Nov-13 20:50:26

DD is nearly 9 and reads a lot. She has read pretty much all of the books mentioned on the other post (although there were a few mentioned that I will try). Her favourites remain Narnia, Harry Potter and Lauren St John ones (One Dollar Horse and White Giraffe series). I think she needs to move on to the next stage - whatever that might be, but don't know what to get her. We spend a lot of time in the library, but it can be hard to choose - the best things are usually on loan so you have to think about reserving them, and therefore what to reserve, rather than just browsing.

I can't remember what I was reading at that age (except for The Thorn Birds, stolen from my mother, which definitely wasn't age appropriate (!) and endless Georgette Heyer).

Twighlightsparkle Fri 08-Nov-13 20:52:34

I have an avid almost 10 year old reader, she enjoys the older Anne fine books. She also likes stuff like Tom gates!

Also some of the older Michael murpurgo

DeWe Sun 10-Nov-13 18:37:03

Dd2 is 9yo and in the last couple of years has loved "old" books. Chalet school, Gwendoline Courtney, Monica Edwards, Arthur Ransome, Noel Streatfield... the sort of books that GGBP produce.
She also loves the classics, The Hobbit, 5 children and It (and other E Nesbitt), Secret Garden, Little Princess etc.

Dd1 at that age loved Roman Mysteries, Alex Rider, and was just beginnign the Cherub series (check before you let her have those, they are not to everyone's taste, quite a bit of swearing etc. in)

Takver Sun 10-Nov-13 20:04:49

A few things that I don't think were mentioned on the other thread:

- Jenny Nimmo Snow Spider trilogy (draws on Welsh mythology)
- Edward Eager's Magic series - Half Magic, Time Garden etc (she's likely to enjoy these even more if she has read Five children & It / Phoenix & the Carpet / Story of the Amulet as you run into the children & it plays with the same themes)
- EE Nesbit in general if she hasn't read them, as mentioned above
- Little White Horse + other books by EG (Henrietta's House is lovely for a 9 y/o)
- Diana Wynne Jones if she hasn't read them, esp the Chrestomanci series

Abebooks is great if you have books you remember from your childhood, good source of 'sort-of-classics' very cheaply

wearymum200 Sun 10-Nov-13 21:00:53

Things I remember reading, in addition to those mentioned above. Period Piece by Gwen Raverat, Trebizon school stories, some probably truly awful Nurse stories, Mary Stewart A walk in Wolf Wood, Jill Paton Walsh's childrens books, Summer of the Zeppelin, Joan Aiken and basically anything I could fish off the school or town library shelves. My mother found me reading Jane Eyre and removed it because she thought I was too young. I "borrowed" her rwading book of the time instead, which was memoirs of a forensic pathologist.

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