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8 year old DS wants to read longer books

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LowLevelWhinging Mon 21-Oct-13 20:07:10

He's eyeing up some of the bigger books on my shelves wishing he could read them.

I don't know if he wants a story to last and last or if he just wants the satisfaction of having a massive book on the go!

Anyway, he's done and liked, David Walliams, some Roald Dahl, Mr Gum, some Beast Quest, those sorts of things.

So any suggestions for a big book that's not too advanced for an 8year old please?

Calabria Mon 21-Oct-13 20:28:29

Swallows and Amazons and Harry Potter are my just turned 9 year old's favourites.

Habbibu Mon 21-Oct-13 20:30:38

How about the How To Train Your Dragon series? Plus the audiobooks by David Tennant are brilliant.

LowLevelWhinging Mon 21-Oct-13 20:42:09

Yep, he loves Harry potter and listens to the how to train your dragons audiobook!

Has swallows and amazons aged well? I just wonder if the language and references might be a bit alien to him IYSWIM.

LowLevelWhinging Mon 21-Oct-13 20:56:54

Actually, swallows and amazons looks like something he'd like and it's a good 500 pages.

duckyfuzz Mon 21-Oct-13 20:59:53

Try the Percy Jackson books

LowLevelWhinging Mon 21-Oct-13 21:51:20

Thanks ducky, will do!

Takver Mon 21-Oct-13 22:10:44

YY to Swallows and Amazons, dd loved it, as did several of her friends. Even better there are 12 of them if he likes them! Although they're long, the language/story aren't too complex.

LowLevelWhinging Tue 22-Oct-13 08:07:32

the Percy Jacksons look great too. I'm making a wish list as he's getting through a book or two a week at the moment. Hopefully these longer books will slow that pace down!

BanjoPlayingTiger Tue 22-Oct-13 08:13:22

Has he read the "How to Train Your Dragon" books by Cressida Cowell? My son went from Beast Quest to those and loved them.

cupcake78 Tue 22-Oct-13 08:14:45

C S Lewis! Lion witch and wardrobe.

iseenodust Tue 22-Oct-13 10:03:11

Cows in action - humour & history
Goosebumps - light frights

iseenodust Tue 22-Oct-13 10:05:07

For fat to hold - Farmer boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

LowLevelWhinging Tue 22-Oct-13 13:02:12

thank you for these, they're all on the list. Now when relatives ask me what to get him for Christmas, I have an option!

LowLevelWhinging Tue 22-Oct-13 13:03:01

although I must admit I googled a book called, "For Fat To Hold" blush grin

iseenodust Tue 22-Oct-13 13:12:03

gringrin Apologies for poor communication.

madamehooch Tue 22-Oct-13 13:54:43

'The Ranger's Apprentice' series by John Flanagan comes highly recommended by my reading group.

duckyfuzz Tue 22-Oct-13 14:57:39

LLW my daughter was put on to them at the age of 8 by her cousin, a year older - she loves them and can't put them down! Rick Riordan has other books she also enjoys. What about the narnia books too?

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