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I need ideas for books for my 7 yo DD

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JemimaMuddledUp Thu 03-Oct-13 18:08:47

I'm looking for ideas for books for Christmas presents.

DD is 7 and in Y3. She has just "got" reading in English (she learnt to read in Welsh first) and is now devouring books. She spent the summer reading Rainbow Fairies, but I'm very happy to report that she now seems to be over them grin She likes things like Dick King Smith, Roald Dahl and The Worst Witch, and we have lots of classics eg Pippi Longstocking, Alice in Wonderland etc.

What I would really like to get her for Christmas is a really enjoyable, fun book. I am getting DS1(11) and DS2(9) The Demon Dentist and the new Wimpy Kid, and would like something along the same lines for DD - something that she can curl up with over Christmas and have a good chuckle. The boys were just getting into Mr Gum at that age, I would love to find something similar for her. I know Mr Gum etc aren't exclusively for boys, but the problem is we have them all already.

So suggestions please for something fun and lighthearted suitable for a 7.5 year old girl. Thank you!

LadyEnglefield Thu 03-Oct-13 19:12:45

Hi Jemima

My twin DDs will be 8 next month and love reading. Over the last year some of their favourite books have been;

Operation Bunny/Three Pickled Herrings - Sally Gardner
The Bella Donna series - Ruth Symes
The Atticus Claw series - Jennifer Gray
Ottoline - Chris Riddell
Spy Dogs - Andrew Cope
Shrinking Violet - Lou Kuenzler
Monstrous Maude - A B Saddlewick

and almost anything by Holly Webb, Roald Dahl and Anne Fine.

I hope this helps!

Takver Thu 03-Oct-13 21:04:16

I would say definitely the Ottoline books if you don't already have them, they are fantastic.

Takver Thu 03-Oct-13 21:04:52

Not a 'fun' book in the same way, but do you already have The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden? Its a perfect Christmas book for a 7 year old smile

Periwinkle007 Thu 03-Oct-13 22:08:25

Holly Webb has a couple of wintery ones so they might be suitable - Snow Bear and The Reindeer Girl.

I have the Ottoline ones bookmarked for when my girls are a bit older. Maisie Hitchins are supposed to be good too.

cornflakegirl Thu 03-Oct-13 22:13:41

Second Maisie Hitchens. Opal Moonbaby is funny (according to DS).

cornflakegirl Thu 03-Oct-13 22:13:41

Second Maisie Hitchens. Opal Moonbaby is funny (according to DS).

LadyEnglefield Thu 03-Oct-13 22:39:06

Another vote for Maisie Hitchens, The Chocolate Dog and The Snow Bear.

Would also recommend the Atticus Claw books - very cleverly written but also quite silly. I must admit that I enjoyed reading them with my DCs.

Periwinkle007 Thu 03-Oct-13 22:42:37

has she read Ramona?

Acinonyx Fri 04-Oct-13 08:57:12

Karen McCrombie's 'You me and Thing' books are very light and funny (for a younger reader, 5-7, than her Allie's World books).

JemimaMuddledUp Sat 05-Oct-13 16:58:50

Lots of ideas, many that I hadn't heard of before. Thanks!

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