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New Editions Horrible Histories!!

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mamadou Sun 29-Sep-13 00:13:52

Don't know if this has been posted about already, but HH have 8 new editions out and I'm so glad!! I feel a bit crazy to be this excited - but these new ones are formatted so much better! The text is bigger and the paper is much nicer. I hate the other versions and I hope they get new copies of more titles out soon!!! As far as I can tell ( and I've only checked the Rotten Romans) the text is identical with a tiny bit left out. So much more appealing for readers. Yay.

Thanks for posting this I was thinking of buying a set of them for the DCs at Christmas, I will wait now adpnd see what comes out.

mamadou Mon 30-Sep-13 11:07:19

Hi WhoKnows, if you see them in a bookshop and get the chance to compare, then do - they are much better! The Book People are stocking them - the new ones have a rat on the front. They're selling a pack of 4 very cheap, but they aren't the same type- again the paper is crappy. The new ones are only available individually at the moment. But they're still pretty cheap ( I think 2.99 on the book people). I think it's worth paying a bit more for a book that is an easier, more accessible read- especially for young DCs smile

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