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images of the gruffalo in other Julia Donaldson/Axel Schleffer books

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Jenijena Wed 18-Sep-13 13:06:51

So I know I need to get a life but...

I've found a picture of the gruffalo in enough JD/AS books (Tiddler the snail and the whale, the highway rat, tabby mctat) to make me think it must be in more - but I can't find it in Charlie Cook's favorite book and Monkey Puzzle.

First world problem, I know, but if anyone else has seen this I'd love to know!

MortifiedAdams Wed 18-Sep-13 13:10:26

Gruffalo decoration in Stick Man, hanging on the Christmas Tree, and, subsequently, Gruffalos Child carries a Stick Man like a teddy.

Never seen it in Snail.and the Whale - off to look!

Jenijena Wed 18-Sep-13 13:39:09

I've got a board book/jigsaw book of The Snail and the Whale but the image isn't in that - but I checked and it is in the ordinary version.

not got the stick man...

PeterParkerSays Wed 18-Sep-13 13:42:22

We have the board book version of the Snail and the Wale - that explains why I can never find the Gruffalo. A child does draw him in the sand outside the school in the bay though.

The gruffalo in the Stick Man is on the page where Father Christmas comes out of the Chimney.

MortifiedAdams Wed 18-Sep-13 13:43:18

Stick Man is a bloody marvellous book!

Its not. in Squash and a Squeeze as that was written before the Gruffalo. Found it in all the books you listed! Afraid I dont have a massive collection so cant check any other books

MortifiedAdams Wed 18-Sep-13 13:43:52

Peter I found it in the sand - is it somewhere else?

christinarossetti Wed 18-Sep-13 13:43:55

One of the fish in 'Tiddler'.

kelda Wed 18-Sep-13 13:45:01

I'm sure my children have spotted Gruffalo cookies on the last page of 'The Highway Rat' but I haven't seen it in Tabby McTat. I really must pay more attention when I'm reading them to the children.

Jenijena Wed 18-Sep-13 13:51:37

its a cuddly toy in Tabby McTat... its Charlie Cook I'm bothered about.

spotted it in Dog as well...

will look out for stick man.

PeterParkerSays Wed 18-Sep-13 13:55:04

Mortified, not in our board book version but if you have a paperback snail and the whale, I think it's on a fish (can someone please confirm this?).

MortifiedAdams Wed 18-Sep-13 13:56:45

Off to check

Jenijena Wed 18-Sep-13 14:02:17

sorry, Zog, not dog. it is in Zog on the horse

kelda Wed 18-Sep-13 14:05:40

If you look on the 'Goldilocks' page of Charlie Cook, I think the drawing on her door is of the Gruffalo.

kelda Wed 18-Sep-13 14:59:04

My dd1 is looking too. She has the same conclusion.

kelda Thu 19-Sep-13 08:19:32

sad has everyone deserted this thread? It's important!

Jenijena Thu 19-Sep-13 20:12:49

it is! so gruffalo in monkey puzzle? is there one?

Lady84 Thu 19-Sep-13 23:51:01

I literally just posted a thread on this at the weekend because it was bothering me so much I couldn't find one in Room on the Broom!

kelda Fri 20-Sep-13 08:01:33

I can't even find my copy of 'Room on a Broom'.

Lady84 Fri 20-Sep-13 17:23:25

It's Tiddler that has a Gruffalo fish smile

KatoPotato Fri 20-Sep-13 17:24:25

Is he in 'Sharing a Shell?'

ConcreteElephant Sat 21-Sep-13 18:52:55

Kato, Sharing a Shell isn't illustrated by Axel Scheffler so I wouldn't expect to find a Gruffalo in there I don't think.

I was reading Monkey Puzzle today but couldn't see a Gruffalo in there. It was published the year after the Gruffalo so maybe the idea of including him in other JD/AS books hadn't occurred yet?

DD and I do love spotting the connections though. There's a fish that looks like Tiddler in Zog and DD thinks it's the same sort of thing whereas I suspect it's just an AS fish ;)

Many thanks to Kelda for pointing out the Gruffalo in CCFB - I hadn't seen that one!

kelda Mon 23-Sep-13 19:36:24

Finally found Room on a Broom. Couldn't find any gruffalo in it though!

spacegirl81 Thu 03-Oct-13 13:09:40

I've found a rotb reference in the smartest giant in town grin

spacegirl81 Thu 03-Oct-13 18:34:35

And gruffalo reference in zog and the highway rat grin

AnathemaDevice Sat 05-Oct-13 08:41:04

Not found a Gruffalo in Room on the Broom. Is there one?

In The Smartest Giant in Town there is a drawing of the little old woman and the wise old man from A Squash and a Squeeze. It's above the shop door.

The Monkey Puzzle butterfly turns up in there too. Plus there's a castle in the background on one page which looks very similar to one in the background of Zog.

I think I've spent too much time reading JD/AS books.

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