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Lemony Snicket Series of unfortunate events

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3birthdaybunnies Wed 04-Sep-13 23:57:07

Part way through the 3rd book, they are loving them, especially dd2 who is nearly 7, she thinks it is great that they don't have happy endings (that's probably a whole other thread though). Was wondering whether the stories get any darker as they progress (of course with 4 deaths already this is a relative term). For example with Harry Potter have found up to 3 not too scary but from then on get progressively darker. Just want to be aware esp as nearly 4yr old showing keen interest too.

Also any other similar recommendations.

virgil Thu 05-Sep-13 18:14:40

We have the cd box set and I had to stop them for DS2 (just six) since they were a bit much and he was getting a bit scared. I kept listening though on the way to pick them up from school! I have stopped at the ersatz elevator since it was getting a bit samey. I would say the scariness has ramped up a little so far but I haven't got to the end of the set yet so don't know how far it goes. DS1 is eight and was fine with them.

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