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Around the World in 80 Days and other classics

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CircassianLeyla Sun 01-Sep-13 15:10:30

DS1 (7) has seen the crazy Jackue Chan film and is obsessed with countries at the moment. We saw the book in a bookshop and he has asked if we can have it for our bedtime chapter book.

We have a couple if copies if this and to tell the truth I am delighted to get another opportunity to read it. I will be reading it aloud, but is it going to go way above his head? He sometimes reads on the next chapter after I leave him but I suspect he just won't be able to with this. Is it worth getting a children's abridged version to read to him/for him to read?

DS2 who is 5 also will be listening but I suspect it will go over his head and we wi have more than one story.

Whilst in the subject are there any other classics that might be suitable?

They both like books we can talk about and tend to get involved and draw pictures (paper all over the bloody house) etc related to our stories.

nettie Thu 05-Sep-13 19:31:34

E. Nesbitts "Five Children and It" and the other one about a magic carpet and a phoenix, thats name escapes at the moment.

"Tom's Midnight Garden"

If he seems to be enjoying the full version I wouldn't worry about bits going over his head, I'm sure if he lves the story he will keep revisiting it and getting new stuff out of it. Don't forget watch "Willy Fogg, Around the World in Eighty Days" when you done or the Michael Palin version. Seem to remember we had a map comparing the different routes people took!

CircassianLeyla Fri 06-Sep-13 12:56:06

Great advice will do that.

I am so excited. I haven't read it for years.

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