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Suitable for a 9 year old

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Underconstruction Mon 22-Jul-13 08:56:44

Thank you Louise... you are obviously on a similar wavelength to DD as she's loved all of these... I'm off to hunt down the Jennings books as I've never heard of them. Thank you.

Louise1956 Sun 21-Jul-13 20:48:41

when I was nine I loved the Narnia books by C.S. lewis with a passion. i also loved the jennings books by Anthony Buckeridge (they are set in a boys school, but very funny and amuse girls as well). I also enjoyed the Borrowers series by Mary Norton, and Stig of the Dump by Clive King, and The Hundred and One Dalmations by Dodie Smith, and the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton.

Underconstruction Sun 21-Jul-13 12:20:23

She reads them a bit too fast for my liking, though she does enjoy them. I like to get more minutes for my £ if possible... hence wondering about Philip Pullman. His books seem a bit meatier.

swannylovesu Sat 20-Jul-13 13:15:08

David Walliams books are a massive hit in our house. Both my DS read them. they are 8 and 11.

Underconstruction Sat 20-Jul-13 13:11:44

Thank you, toolate! That was my impression about Philip Pullman - a huge range and it can be hard to know which might work for younger kids reading at a high-ish level. I've been caught out a couple of times ... DD was reading fairy tales the other day and suddenly asked what genitals are ... not what I'd have expected from fairy tales! And thank you too, Takver. I know she's read Journey to the River Sea, but cannot remember if she loved or hated it... I should ask as I think there are others in that series so they might be good.

Takver Fri 19-Jul-13 11:47:35

Just recommended Journey to the River Sea on another thread, its a really lovely book and ideal for a 9/10 year old. Its kind of an old-fashioned adventure story, but written relatively recently IYKWIM.

toolatetobed Fri 19-Jul-13 10:26:15

I think Philip Pullman books vary as to age suitability. We have read "I was a Rat" which I would recommend and which is fine for a 9-year-old (although looked at through adult eyes it certainly has a dark side). I remember my son liking "The Scarecrow and his Servant" when he was about 9.

Underconstruction Thu 18-Jul-13 21:24:58

Ooh, thank you everyone. I think she can cope with agricultural endearments.

She loves Greek myths, but not Percy Jackson. I am still trying to comprehend the logic, but get the impression myth, magic and fantasy are ok when they're set in the past, but otherwise they don't cut it for DD.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 18-Jul-13 20:25:52

I remember reading Herriot (I was 11 when they came out, so a bit after that) and shocking my big brother by calling someone an awd bugger.... I had no idea what it meant, just that Yorkshire farmers addressed their cows thus! Apart from that, I'd have thought safe enough ....oh, apparently he wrote children's books too, don't know what age, I'd guess younger from the titles (

stickortwist Thu 18-Jul-13 20:23:59

Percy jackson (violence a bit but no sex i can remember)

I loved the James Herriott books at that age, don't recall any unsuitable themes except for occasional animals dying.

Underconstruction Thu 18-Jul-13 15:41:41

I wish books had some kind of rating like films. Are Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart books suitable for a 9 year old? And how about the vet books (James Herriot)? I'm not worried about reading ability, but I'm forever getting caught out by books I remember as being clean (like Mma Ramotswe having been raped). In general I find pre-Lady Chatterley are safe, but would like to add a bit of variety to the birthday list!

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