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I have fallen in love with Dr Seuss books! What's your favourite?

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fuzzpig Tue 25-Jun-13 20:22:17

Never really saw any as a child although I was aware of them, but last year we all adored the Lorax film and gave DD the book of it (well, Father Christmas did grin), and I've been getting loads out of the library since then as they are just so brilliant.

I love reading them aloud, the rhyme and rhythm just make it a real pleasure. I just gave DD Horton Hears a Who for her 6th birthday which was equally brilliant, and a particular favourite of those we've borrowed is One Fish Two Fish - DD read this and some others herself and really enjoyed reading the made up creature names (Mr Gump's Seven Hump Wump, anyone? grin). She also liked Wacky Wednesday although the illustrations aren't by Seuss. I really liked Gerald McBoingBoing too (we used to watch it on Milkshake!).

What are your/your children's favourites?

fuzzpig Tue 25-Jun-13 22:46:01

I do have The Works in my local mall! I will check that out.

The book people don't have a set at the moment - if only I'd known last year how lovely they were! They currently have a few individual stories quite cheap on there - Horton was a few quid.

Cakebitch Tue 25-Jun-13 22:52:35

Love them. most children's books i find tedious to read, but i love Dr seuss, so much.

muminthecity Tue 25-Jun-13 22:54:46

I love 'Oh the Places You Will Go,' so does DD. I also get a bit choked reading it. When my best friend graduated uni last year I made her a card with a few lines from that book in it (“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”) She cried her eyes out!

Also love 'Happy Birthday.' (Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is noone alive who is you-er than you!)

SkivingAgain Tue 25-Jun-13 22:55:02

We have the book 10 tall tales, which is fab. The Star Belly Sneeches, Too Many Daves, Yurtle the Turtle, Gertrude McFuzz, the Big Brag, The Empty Pants all fantastic and with a moral to the tale. Both my DCs and me loved them for years.

Oh, the places you'll go! Makes me cry too PP.

BooCanary Tue 25-Jun-13 23:00:16

My favourites:
Mr Brown Can Moo
Fox in Socks
Wocket in My Pocket

DCs currently love Horton hears a Who, the Lorax and the Grinch.

Dr Seuss is fab!

BooCanary Tue 25-Jun-13 23:07:08

Oh and yy to the places you will go <blub>

ihatesonic Tue 25-Jun-13 23:12:20

CAT IN THE HAT! or one fish, two fish.

I <3 dr suess - my kids loved them!

timtam23 Tue 25-Jun-13 23:28:04

My favourites are two of the more obscure ones

Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

The Foot Book

They are both very funny and have a great rhythm for reading to small children

wheredidiputit Wed 26-Jun-13 10:57:54

here the book people have a set of 20 books for £20.

fuzzpig Wed 26-Jun-13 15:51:24

Not in stock - will keep an eye on it though smile

Branleuse Wed 26-Jun-13 15:52:45

The Lorax <3

and the sneetches

Hullygully Wed 26-Jun-13 15:53:50

The Lorax

The Lorax

The Lorax

shockers Wed 26-Jun-13 16:05:52

My son, now aged 26, can still recite the whole of Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose... as can I grin.

TheRealFellatio Wed 26-Jun-13 18:34:40

Oh the places you will go.

It's genius. it's perfect. Every child should be given a copy. It should be the law.

TheRealFellatio Wed 26-Jun-13 18:36:12

Ha! I didn't see your post mum - I gave my son a copy to take off to uni with him. He looked at me like this > hmm confused but hopefully he'll get it one day. grin

fuzzpig Tue 02-Jul-13 11:11:22

Read Yertle the Turtle, Gertrude McFuzz and the Big Brag to DD the other day. Thumbs up! Especially Yertle.

I've noticed you can get Seuss books on iPad - they are cheaper than paperbacks so am very tempted but not sure I want to go down the eBook route with DD yet... <dilemma>

SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Tue 02-Jul-13 11:17:28

I bought a big box set from the works. I think it was about £30. They have them on ebay too

feetheart Tue 02-Jul-13 11:18:44

We had a shortened, slightly adapted, version of 'Oh The Places You'll Go' as the reading at our wedding smile

'Green eggs and ham' was great with fussy-eating DD when she was small and we can both probably still recite it all (she is now 10 and has hollow legs smile)

Snazzywaitingforsummer Tue 02-Jul-13 11:49:52

There's a nice set on Amazon that I have bought as a present for people with new babies:

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection: The Cat in the Hat / One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish / Green Eggs and Ham / Hop on Pop / Fox in Socks [Hardcover]

It's great. We also flew with Emirates a few years ago and got small copies of Oh The Thinks You Can Think! and Oh, The Places You'll Go! in the kids' goody bags on the flights. You've got to like that.

Wallace Tue 02-Jul-13 11:53:50

Current favourite is Great Day for Up

DuchessofMalfi Tue 02-Jul-13 13:16:08

I love The Lorax - my favourite. I took DD to see the film last year and she loved it too. DS enjoys Fox in Socks for all the silly tongue twisters, and Green Eggs and Ham.

DH was introduced to them when his dad brought them back from a trip to America when DH was little. He was the one who introduced them to me - I hadn't read any as a child. Now I adore the stories, and the really complex and daft illustrations.

freetrait Tue 02-Jul-13 13:21:26

I don't like them...(whispers). DD (4) got "I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew" out of the library. She likes it so I have had the pleasure of reading it to her a good few times. I definitely do not like it...sorry....just doesn't hit those pleasure buttons for me (although seems like it does for DD!)

fuzzpig Tue 02-Jul-13 13:57:42

DH doesn't like them either. The illustrations freak him out!

suzannened Tue 02-Jul-13 14:04:20

I read some of Oh the Places You'll Go at my brother's wedding ( think if he could have, he would have had Green Eggs & Ham). And I'm using Hop on Pop for a bit of practice reading for 5yo DS - who also loves Green Eggs & Ham

iseenodust Wed 03-Jul-13 10:05:48

One fish two fish
I saw it on Mulberry St. has great illustrations.

DS had a really good lift the flap Seuss book (100 flaps) that was an anniversary edition but I've never seen it since to give as a present.

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