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Inquisitive DD (4.3): Reference Books

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oneofeach2010 Thu 13-Jun-13 08:49:28

My DD is interested in everything, especially in the process of things.

Are there any good child reference books that explains processes. In particular her latest interests include;

- how bees make honey
- what causes high and low tides (currently on holiday at the sea side)
- how dinosaurs became extinct

Obviously we have explained these things to her, but she loves books, and thought it would be good to have the information for her to refer back to.

DeWe Thu 13-Jun-13 09:34:17

Dorling Kindersley books are brilliant at that age. They have lots of pictures and photos and are very good at explaining.
Ds started interest in facts at about 3yo, and we have found those books particularly good.

Some Usborne ones are good too, and you can also use the internet. Ds was doing his own research as soon as he could. When I heard a cry of "How do you spell "Tornado"?" or something I knew he was researching. It also helped his spelling no end. wink
If you add "Kids facts" after a topic you want to research, then it should come up with more kid friendly stuff.

But don't leave them alone, particularly if they do youtube. I reckon any innocent search is only about 2 clicks away from something you don't want them to see.

Periwinkle007 Thu 13-Jun-13 13:11:26

got to dash to collect from preschool but we have 2 books about bees and honey. will dig them out later and post back - one is a cat in the hat 'show me the honey'? think thats the name and the other was in a set of little books which are great.
will be back this evening with suggestions. I LOVE non fiction stuff for kids.

PeterParkerSays Thu 13-Jun-13 13:25:03

For Christmas I bought DS a set of ladybird books. This series and the set included whales / dolphins, sharks, castles, pirates, bugs, Space, dinosaurs and deadly creatures, although the list on Amazon is more comprehensive than those. I've been really please with them as a set as they have just enough detail.

adv115 Thu 13-Jun-13 13:38:58

I would recommend usborne every time. We have the big book of dinosaurs as well as the lift-the-flap body book. A slightly greater investment could be a leap tag pen. As well as story books there is an interactive map, solar system pack and yet more body and dinosaur stuff. My ds is just 5 and has loved the books and map.

Periwinkle007 Thu 13-Jun-13 19:33:48

just checked and the set I was thinking of with the 'why do bees make honey?' book is Usborne Pocket Science.

I also like the Usborne Beginners range which covers just about everything kids might be interested in. Usborne also do some great lift the flap ones as well.

also I think it is worth trying to find a globe as curious children normally find them fascinating.

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