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Best bedtime stories for anxious 3 year old

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Sutherlandgirl Wed 29-May-13 23:18:30

DS is going through a bit of a nightmare with bedtime/sleeping, basically thinks that when he shuts his eyes we will disappear and leave him on his own!

What bedtime stories have you found to be good for calming/reassuring little ones? Also are there any good dvd's or audio books in a similar vein, as he has a bit of tv after dinner while I put his baby sister to bed.


literarygeek Wed 29-May-13 23:36:27

No matter what by debi gliori is lovely - my dd found it quite calming. it's not specifically about being left, but it's about a mother's love and it
Illustrates a bedtime routine.
Good luck!

FriedSprout Thu 30-May-13 00:09:30

Huge Bag of Worries may be a good place to start, has very good reviews and friend of mine swears by it

Strikeuptheband Thu 30-May-13 00:16:45

We had this from the library when DS was little. It helped him to feel reassured.

janji Thu 30-May-13 00:17:18

Goodnight little bear by Martin Waddell

janji Thu 30-May-13 01:28:40

Sorry that should be can't you sleep little bear!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Thu 30-May-13 01:31:59

Does he like diggers? Goodnight goodnight construction site is very soothing. Basically all the trucks go to bed in a poem. All the 2-3 year old boys I know adore it.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Thu 30-May-13 01:38:24

Also Owl Babies has mummy owl flying away in the night and small owls waking to empty nest and worrying and then she comes back. Your call as to whether this is reassuring or not! But it's a classic and deals with separation anxiety.

Rindercella Thu 30-May-13 01:45:37

literarygeek beat me to it. No Matter What is a lovely book. My bereavement counsellor gave me a copy to read to my DDs after DH died. It is immensely comforting and spot on for a 3 year old (I still sometimes blub when I read it though, but I think that's more to do with my understanding than my 3 year old's!).

humblebumble Thu 30-May-13 01:59:13

I was going to suggest Owl Babies as well.

No Matter What is also a lovely book, I think I definitely enjoyed reading it to my DS's.

Rindercella - sorry for your loss.

Periwinkle007 Thu 30-May-13 11:20:37

yep I would also say Owl Babies and The Huge Bag of Worries.

nannybun Sun 16-Jun-13 00:30:47

Wave the flag and blow the whistle- such a lovely book!

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