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Good books to teach about opposites and nouns, pronouns ro 3 yr old?

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Tinytoto Mon 27-May-13 13:25:14

Hi all,

My DS of 3 yrs is seeing a SALT and doesn't quite grasp the his/hers, most/ some/ all, yours/ mine etc and am wondering if there is any books out there to teach him ?

Also which books are good to teach about opposites, short/ tall etc

I just create examples through his toys but maybe I am thinking pics will help?

I am clueless! :/
TIA xx

RosemaryandThyme Mon 27-May-13 13:45:11

Visit to libary for opposites books - lots available from ladybird books, don't buy as you'll go through loads and all a range will give you more coverage.
Also consider games for opposite matching, lots on ebay.

most/some/all - here your looking for first MATHS books - workbooks really - get him circling pictures, matching etc, WHSmith for colourful pricey ones, pound land for plainer books that do the same job.

yours /mine / his / hers - not found in general kids books - go back to SALT - ask what the problem identified actually IS - ie does child not understand the CONCEPT of ownership - ie this ball is mine that ball is yours, or do they understand but not articulate correctly.
(you can of course test this yourself by giving him a bag of sweets then snatching it off of him and eating one - if he protests you can be sure he has no conceptual difficulty !!)

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