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FAO Simpson and anyone else with an inquisitive child you likes finding things in books

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Periwinkle007 Thu 23-May-13 12:52:17

not sure if this might appeal to your daughter, my mum got it on a buy one get one free deal in a local bookshop but Amazon do it too. my daughters love it.
sadly you can't see inside it but it is full of pictures where it would say something like 'in this picture of a restaurant find all the objects that could hold a liquid' and then there would be things like jugs, glasses, bottles, vases, vinegar jars and other obscure items. there are then paragraphs you have to read through or listen to to find mistakes. I have only looked at a couple of pages, they tend to read it with Daddy but it is quite thick and lots and lots to go through.

simpson Thu 23-May-13 14:58:49

Oh thanks, will check it out after the school run grin

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