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Please help!! Does anyone know the name of this book?

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TheFunStopsHere Sat 20-Jul-13 05:19:30

Papa, please get the moon for me (Eric Caryle)?

mrelleman Sat 20-Jul-13 04:57:47

Unfortunately it's neither of those books either.

Auntlinny Thu 30-May-13 04:31:46

Whatever Next?

NewlywedUpTheDuff Thu 30-May-13 03:30:54

Button moon?

mrelleman Thu 30-May-13 02:50:50

No it wasn't Sally Go Round the Stars. I also just remembered that the book was a bedtime story type of book. If I can remember anything else I will post it.

MortifiedAdams Thu 23-May-13 06:25:14

Sally Go Round The Stars?

mrelleman Thu 23-May-13 06:16:56

Also if it helps I think this book was published in the 90's. The place where my mom got the book was at one of those book drives they do in schools.

mrelleman Thu 23-May-13 06:13:18

There is some stuff about it that is on the tip of my tongue so to speak but the only things that i actively remember about it are in my first post.

BrienneOfTarth Thu 23-May-13 06:00:14

Can you remember any phrase of the text? I don't have much of a memory for covers but I remember words if they rhyme even if I last heard them decades ago.

mrelleman Thu 23-May-13 05:56:13

I was born in the early 90's and this book was my favorite book as a 0-5 year old. I don't remember too much about the book other than its cover. The cover was silver with stars on it and I remember that the book was set in space but a children's version of space as in the moon had a face and such. I think it was a rhyming book but i'm not 100% sure about that. If you have any idea what the title might be I would appreciate it.

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