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books for 8 year old boy

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KatyDid02 Sat 18-May-13 14:08:28

My son has recently discovered that he likes reading after having hated it for ages. He has read two or three Tom Gates books by Liz Pichon (sp?) and loved them but he will not look at the books in the bookshop or library to browse for other ones that he likes.

I wondered what you boys around this age are reading so I can see if there any I can tempt him with.


FunnysInLaJardin Sat 18-May-13 14:09:40

Beast Quest is a real favourite with my 7yo DS who has just discovered reading

QueenofLouisiana Sat 18-May-13 19:46:08

DS enjoyed Beast Quest, Wimpy Kid, Football Academy, non fiction about the topic at school ( may have helped that these were world war 2 and ancient Egypt!).

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 18-May-13 19:57:54

Artemis Fowl
Mr Gum
Alex Rider
Percy Jackson
Wimpy Kid
Beast Quest Ds1 loved these but Ds2 wouldn't read them!

DS2 (8) is just. Working his way through Percy Jackson having. Read all the others apart fro Beast Quest. Next l. The list is the Michelle Paver series.

DS1 would never browse for new authors. He would discount books based on their cover or titlehmm Getting him a kindle transformed his reading, he'll try anything now!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 18-May-13 19:58:12

Sorry for the crap typing.

KatyDid02 Sat 18-May-13 20:05:09

Thanks, I will check out some of those. DD has Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson so I will see if I can tempt DS with those first.

Fedupofdiets Sat 18-May-13 20:05:35

My ds is also 8, he adored all of the David Walliams books and Horrid Henry smile

SilasGreenback Sat 18-May-13 20:12:00

My 8 year old likes the Grk books. Also Charlie Bone stories.

cornflakegirl Tue 21-May-13 12:34:08

Captain Underpants
David Walliams very funny
yy to Mr Gum / Percy Jackson / Astrosaurs / Beast Quest
Fudge books by Judy Blume
Harry Potter
Dick King Smith
my DS really likes Jacqueline Wilson books (know they're "girls" books, but great stories)
Opal Moonbaby books
The Sleeping Army by Francesca Simon (DS really wants them to hurry up and publish the sequel)
Roald Dahl (shorter ones to start eg The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me)
Spiderwick Chronicles

Will stop now!

iseenodust Thu 23-May-13 11:58:26

If your DS leans to humourous;

Fleabag monkeyface
Cows in action
How to train your dragon
Farticus Maximus

Seeline Thu 23-May-13 12:10:25

Jeremy Strong for funny stories which aren't too long or complicated.

cornflakegirl Thu 23-May-13 12:55:08

Thanks iseenodust - have just reserved several of your recommendations from the library.

stewartlaura67 Thu 23-May-13 14:03:20

I’m sure he would enjoy Beast Quest.

iseenodust Fri 24-May-13 13:52:26

CornFl Yeah to suing the library. Just remember nowhere did I say a parent would enjoy them all.

iseenodust Fri 24-May-13 13:52:55

Using not suing !

cornflakegirl Fri 24-May-13 16:28:14

I don't intend to read them! (I tried reading a Beast Quest once. Not doing that again. I am a recent convert to Captain Underpants though.)

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