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Printing a board book

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Harbot Wed 01-May-13 14:25:29

Some friends and I have designed a baby board book (with pictures of our little babies in) and want to get some prints of it. Has anyone done this before? I am wondering where to get it printed as the normal places like Blurb don't do board books, plus we have done the design ourselves so don't want to add images into an existing design (which places such as Pint Size Productions do).

Any ideas gratefully received!


DanielNanavati Fri 10-May-13 10:36:10

Digital printing of hardback books is quite expensive from Createspace and Lulu.
TJ International will do small runs (up to 150 book) they are down in Padstow, Cornwall but they supply the industry. You could ask them. I am not affiliated with them at all I have a writer who is using them so I went to have a look at their factory so I know they do acceptable work.

We only design paperbacks.

good luck

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