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Please help me find this book..." Its fun to go out with mummy and me, so much to do, so much to see"

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Arithmeticulous Thu 07-Mar-13 21:26:37

"So much to do, so much to see" sounds like the Magic Train Ride. No animals but cracking song CD.

mrsrvc Thu 07-Mar-13 21:14:45

Sounds like it could be that! Does it go on about different animals following them?
Thank you !!

moonblues Thu 07-Mar-13 21:02:44

Oh! I think my kids have this one. Is it Jump on Board the Animal Train, by Naomi Kefford? Sorry I'm on my phone so can't link, but it's on amazon. It's in their bedroom so can't double check, but I think it's the one your looking for. smile

mrsrvc Thu 07-Mar-13 20:55:24

I looked. It was at lunch time and they seem not to have it on there. He's really taken with it, so I really hope I can find it!

CaptainMartinCrieff Thu 07-Mar-13 20:47:29

Will it be on iplayer so you can find out the title?

GoingToBedfordshire Thu 07-Mar-13 20:47:17

Don't know I'm afraid, but if it was a bedtime story, it might be on iplayer.

mrsrvc Thu 07-Mar-13 20:45:13

My son watched a reading of a story on Cbeebies yesterday or the day before while he was with his nanny and has been reciting bits of it. He has asked me to tell him the story again and I cannot find any reference to it on the cbeebies website.
All I know is that it repeats the lines
" Its fun to go out with mummy and me, so much to do, so much to see"
Obviously this is a two year old repeating it, so the words might not be right, which might also explain why I cant find it anywhere!
Please help!

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