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Good books for 14 week old?

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GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:00:48

My DS is starting to show the first signs of interest in books? I have a few but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some for his age?

frasersmummy Tue 22-Jan-13 10:04:17

14 weeks??? showing an interest in books????

is that a typo??

DSM Tue 22-Jan-13 10:05:11

14 weeks? hmm

Erm, no.

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 22-Jan-13 10:06:34

The Black and White patterns/faces ones are great - we propped them up in the side of the cot and they stared at them for a good while.
The JellyCat cloth books are good - Hello Giraffe, Animal Tails etc - they can chew on them etc
'That's not my...' Series - different textures to poke, lots of interest when they get a bit older
Peekaboo Moo & Dear Zoo - the entertainment is more in the animal noises you make at this tstage, once they get older they'll love doing the flaps
Or just get stuff that you can bear reading, as they won't really care at this stage. Lots of Gruffalo/Tiddler etc in the early days in this house as I quite enjoyed them.

GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:06:47

Oh I've obviously got that wrong then!! Maybe it is just because its something new!

yellowsubmarine53 Tue 22-Jan-13 10:07:16

My babies loved the 'This little baby' one that used to come in the Bookstart packs.

Anything with mirrors generally very popular. The 'That's not my ....' series also very nice.

Bright colours, cardboard, things to touch and feel and play peepaboo with are what to go for. Also some cloth ones they can manipulate themselves.

GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:07:36

Thanks TwelveLeggedWalk

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 22-Jan-13 10:08:01

I'd say get these first:

One of the best presents we got given.

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 22-Jan-13 10:08:15

linky fail AGAIN

Hullygully Tue 22-Jan-13 10:09:36


Interested in chewing them, yes

GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:10:20

Got to love it when people laugh at first time moms!

GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:11:50

Thanks yellowsubmarine53

Hullygully Tue 22-Jan-13 10:11:52

Oh come on!

What, and you've never read a single thread on here either?

rockinhippy Tue 22-Jan-13 10:17:42

My baby was obsessed with books even when this tiny & we indulged her - she was confidently reading by 2 even though we knew she had memorised the story as repeating back parrot fashion, she fooled a LOT of others

She's now barely 10 & has a reading age way above her real age & confidently eats up YA books - so in short, ignore the scoffers, there is no harm in feeding his interest, even if it is just patterns/noises that interest him nowwink

GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:20:06

Yes I have but encouraging books is not something I thought would get mocked. Surely it doesn't matter whether he wants to chew a board book or read the famous five as long as he is interested in them.

I shall get him some more then rockinhippy, thanks.

DSM Tue 22-Jan-13 10:23:23

rockin are you serious? If we are on some kind if brag trip, my DS reads exceptionally, and at 8 reads full novels in a day or two. He reads to P7's, and has been selected by his headteacher to attend a forthcoming reading event that is normally for age 10+.

He had bugger all interest in 'books' at 14 weeks. Or 14 months. Certainly not ones with words in them.

DSM Tue 22-Jan-13 10:24:57

Do you know what greenelephants? Go for it. I'd personally find a chewy toy a little more hygienic for a 14wo than a book but you carry on.

wonkylegs Tue 22-Jan-13 10:25:20

Pick books you like and read them with animated voices. You will end up reading them over and over for the next few years, that's why it's important to pick ones you like. Pretty much all of the hairy mclary books & anything by julia Donaldson worked for me. We are still reading these now at 4 although now together.
They aren't listening to the stories as tiny babies just their parents voices but that's an important stage.

frasersmummy Tue 22-Jan-13 10:27:10

There is of course no harm.... in fact there is a lot of good in reading to your baby

It doesnt really matter what you read as this stage your baby will enjoy anything if you read it in a soothing voice

If he is interested in pictures buy stuff with lovely bright pictures you can show him

I think its the way the op is worded.. it reads like ds is ready to learn at 14 weeks

rockinhippy Tue 22-Jan-13 10:28:30

rockin are you serious? If we are on some kind if brag trip

ERRR nope, but it appears you arehmm

BeerTricksPotter Tue 22-Jan-13 10:29:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wallace Tue 22-Jan-13 10:30:59

I read to ds1 from when he was about 8 weeks old. The others have all been read to from birth - usually older siblings stories!

The forst thing ds1 reached out for was a book smile It had a little puppet on the top.

I don't get why everyone is laughing - babies love being read to.

frasersmummy Tue 22-Jan-13 10:31:19

lol at reading at 2......

GreenElephants Tue 22-Jan-13 10:31:50

Yes, maybe I worded it wrongly. Apologies for that, I was just looking for some ideas. There is a lot in the baby books that says you must read to your baby from when they are born so I guess I had that in the back of my mind. I am first time mum, feeling my way through it all, apologies if i annoyed anyone.

frasersmummy Tue 22-Jan-13 10:34:20

I love nick butterworth.. his illustrations are soo amazing ... ds loved them from an early age and now he can read them by himself

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