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Your LO's favourite book?

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MammytoM Thu 10-Jan-13 20:02:51

He has a few of the Julia Donaldson ones and they are really good, think he likes the rhyming smile. He also had one called The Dinosaur Who Pooped Christmas (which I thought would be a load of rubbish) but was actually really good. Made me laugh lol. It was written by some members of McFly. I hope reading to him now will help him later on smile. I love reading and always have, used to have loads of books read to me when I was little

Campaspe Thu 10-Jan-13 18:52:57

My DD enjoyed those books too when she was younger. I also think Julia Donaldson books are so good that it's a pleasure to read them to older children as well. I think by reading to your DS, you are giving him a really solid foundation for his schooling.

MammytoM Thu 10-Jan-13 18:30:26

My LO loves Keith the cat with the magic hat smile. He also enjoys the Gruffalo, Barry the fish with fingers, Room on the broom,the tiger who came to tea and anything to do with Harry and the dinosaurs. He's only one but he always has a bedtime story and sometimes I read to him during play time in the day too smile

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