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Books for 11 to 13 years old girls

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April2003 Sat 08-Dec-12 00:31:57

Can anyone recommend some books for 11 to 13 years old girls? Thanks.

TapselteerieO Sat 08-Dec-12 00:37:24

The Hunger Games series.

babybythesea Sat 08-Dec-12 15:07:09

There's a thread up and running at the moment about books for an 11 yo girl -there might be loads of good ideas on there if you want to have a look. I've posted quite a long list on it! If you can't see the thread, let me know and I'll copy my posts onto here.

booksteensandmagazines Sun 09-Dec-12 17:38:24

I've just launched a website which reviews book and magazines for teenagers - you may find some books on there. I haven't split them between books for boys and books for girls as a lot of teenage books are not necessarily gender specific. Good luck.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 09-Dec-12 17:40:13

Warrior cats?

April2003 Mon 10-Dec-12 00:34:56

Many thanks for all of you who have responded to my Q!

Hi Babybythesea, can you please copy your post here, as I can not find the post?

Hi Booksteenandmagazine, can you please send me the link for your website?

Many thanks again.

booksteensandmagazines Mon 10-Dec-12 21:12:00

Yes it's Good luck.

SerendipityAlways Tue 11-Dec-12 10:46:42

Hi - Im watching this thread with interest as I have a DD avid reader! Shes well beyond the Jacqueline Wilson etc style of books and is definitely treading into teenage fiction at this stage - but shes not quite ready for Stephanie Meyers Twilight just yet! For Christmas I have bought her The Thornthwaite Inheritance, The Grimm Legacy (Polly Shulman). I've also seen a book called "The Apothecary" which is a new release which looks good. My daughter has read the Hunger Games and enjoyed them. She s also read the Skullduggery Pleasant series of books. Hope this helps!!

booksteensandmagazines Tue 11-Dec-12 13:19:54

Malorie Balackman's Noughts and Crosses trilogy is excellent - adventure, a bit of romance but nothing tacky and a story line that really makes you think about racism (but not in a preachy way). Also just read and reviewed Wonder by RJ Palacio - beautiful book.

babybythesea Tue 11-Dec-12 20:53:39

Here is the post (well, two posts combined actually!).

Was going to say Goodnight Mr Tom but someone beat me to it!
However, I will add 'Back Home' by Michelle Magorian (same author as for Mr Tom) - I preferred it. It's about a 12 year old returning to the UK after the war having been evacuated and trying to find her feet in a country which is trying to sort itself after the war, as well as sort out a relationship with her mother. Fantastic book. the author wrote quite a few others which she might also like if she enjoys this.

Yes to The Dark is rising sequence (Susan Cooper).

A bit left-field but Just William? Funny but the writing is quite sophisticated.

L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables but also Emily of New Moon series.

There's a wonderful follow-up to 101 Dalmations which most children have never heard of: The Starlight Barking (Dodie Smith) - a day comes when all dogs wake up and humans don't - there's a reason for it and it ends with the dogs having to make a collective moral choice.

If she liked school stuff, the Trebizon series? more advanced than Malorey Towers!

Noel Streatfeild - I loved them at that age - easy to read but I loved the stories.

More adult - My Family and Other Animals - it was when I read it and it started the love affair I had with Gerald Durrell's work.

Tom's Midnight Garden (I still quite like this one!)
The Indian in the Cupboard series.
And there was one called Moondial by Helen Cresswell that I loved at that age. I even pretended myself into a game of it, and then (because it's a bit spooky) got stranded at the bottom of the garden one night having imagined certain things into 'reality' - I couldn't bring myself to run past them back into the house!

None of mine are modern - they are all books I loved at around that age. And some of them were old-fashioned then! All damn good stories though.

RummidgeGeneral Tue 11-Dec-12 20:59:34

We are also reading 'Back Home' by Michelle Magorian (Goodnight Mr Tom author). (I am reading it to my 10 year old twin girls as a bedtime book, but it would be good for teenagers too). I agree that it is a brilliant moving book.

bibblenoo45 Sun 03-Aug-14 11:08:00

Cornelia Funke books are always a winner. Things like InkHeart are good for 12-13 and Dragon Rider was perfect for my 10 year old.
I also bought my daughter (13 at the time) a book called Season of Secrets by Sally Nicholls which she absoloutely loved; it ended up being passed around her class to read as nobody had heard of it and we couldnt find it in the book shops!

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