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Kindle for Children

(2 Posts)
2kidsintow Wed 05-Dec-12 22:24:28

Both my children have a kindle. DD1 bought my Kindle Keyboard off me when my DH surprised me with a kindle Touch. DD2 then used her birthday money to buy one of the basic ones.
DD1 is nearly 12. She loves it. She reads Kathy Reichs (Virals etc) and Doctor Who books galore.
DD2 is 8. She loves hers too. Her kindle is not registered to amazon. Hers is full of books from the Guttenburg site. Classic fairy tales, Beatrix Potter etc.

CJGloucester Wed 05-Dec-12 16:14:42

I have recently published a children's story on Kindle but after chatting to a friend, she doesn't think children (8 - 12 year olds in this case) actually read books on Kindle. I'd be interested to know what anyone's experience of this is?
Do your children read books on Kindle?
Do they have their own Kindle?
Is a Kindle on their Xmas list?!

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