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New book on kindle free...SatSam and his satellite gang

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denergy Tue 20-Nov-12 03:24:46

This is a new book aimed at teaching children and parents about satellites.
The book has friendly cartoon characters. The artwork is hand drawn and your children will be able to re-create -draw the characters and colour pictures-in
So as they are all looking just like the pictures in the books... They can even make up their own stories about Sam satellite, Wendy Weather, Norman New, Telephone Tony, Chaka Shuttle, Razz Rocket and many more characters.
The book one (Introducing SatSam and his friendly no bad attitude gang) Can be found as a free download on kindle (If you have a kindle).
They are well worth a look.
All characters are friendly polite respectful kind...No bad attitudes and no frights in the nights. My Grandchildren liked the book and learnt about transmit and receive...

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