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We're going on a Bear Hunt....all is made clear...!

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Clawdy Sun 11-Nov-12 22:10:29

Just read an interview with Helen Oxenbury the illustrator,and she said the one everyone thinks is the dad is actually the older brother...they are ALL children.

SeasonallySnowyPeasant Thu 06-Dec-12 18:04:48

I've only just seen this shock The oldest female character is more than a bit ambiguous but the dad is definitely a dad.

Another one here who tells their PFB that the bear just wants to play. We learned our lesson after reading The Enormous Crocodile <shudders at memory of removing imaginary crocodiles from toddler's room several times a night for a week>

Melpomene Fri 07-Dec-12 00:35:55

Definitely looks like a Dad - he's even got a slightly receding hairline!

fozzy26 Thu 13-Dec-12 19:57:12

Did you all know there is a sequel???

The Bear in a Cave

therethere Thu 13-Dec-12 20:04:38

Saw the stage adaption of bear hunt last week and the character is the dad, not the older brother.

therethere Thu 13-Dec-12 20:05:10

Adaptation even!

Clawdy Mon 31-Dec-12 15:01:35

Not according to Helen

Grumpyrocker Tue 25-Jun-13 18:56:29

Sorry to necrobump the thread. But...

Just this again to my youngest (aged 3). I've always thought eldest boy was the dad. And changed my mind several times about oldest girl - whether she's a daughter or mum. There are scenes in the book where she stands with "dad" that make them seem a couple.

But other times - perhaps because of my own family - that I see it as a dad who has lost his wife. And the natural obstacles they are all facing together are metaphors for struggling on without mum/wife. It's not easy being a widowed dad.

Most of the time though I see it as a family playing an imaginary game of bear hunt and the scenes are depicting what they are imagining. And at the end you see one of the children holding the real bear - a teddy.

Yet if illustrator says it's the big brother, then that's fine by me, it's the big brother not the dad.

Clawdy Tue 25-Jun-13 19:39:03

Grumpyrocker I love that word "necrobump"!

ExtraPineappleExtraHam Wed 22-Feb-17 10:15:31

Ok, reviving this because I've just had a brainwave. The bear represents the children's mum who is always grumpy and shouts. She tries to join in their imaginary game but they run away because they play pretend to get away from her and her moods. That's why the bear looks dejected at the end.

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