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books about bullying - any suggestions

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bumpertobumper Sun 04-Nov-12 21:30:57

At a recent family weekend, two of my cousins' children bullied DS1 who is 5. The two girls, almost 13 and 10 (they are first cousins, not sisters) have always been really sweet and kind to my, and other, little ones - playing with them, keeping an eye on them, volunteering to change nappies etc.
But this time they both ganged up on my son and were horrid to him all day, he didn't tell me what had been happening until the end of the day - he was v upset and so am I.
The older one is my goddaughter, and her birthday is in a couple of weeks. Instead of the usual £20 she gets from me I want to send her a book with a message - any suggestions please?

DeWe Sun 04-Nov-12 22:08:10

Look at some of the Jaqueline Wilsons? She writes a certain amount about bullying. Not sure they will get the message though, unless you spell it out.

You might get more response from them if your ds could write them a note saying "You made me feel sad" or similar. They may have just seen him as not "needing" their protection any more.

Is it that he's left the "cute" patch and now is a "bother" because they want to play with the "cute babies"?

vesela Sun 04-Nov-12 22:35:26

Most books about bullying tend to describe something that takes place over a period of time, though, so she might indeed not get the message. I think it would probably be better to a word with her parents and ask them to explain to her that (for example) she might have thought she was having fun, but DS1 was very upset and confused about what they did, and please never do it again.

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