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Anyone remember?

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MarathonMama Sat 22-Sep-12 14:25:33

I'm trying to remember the name of a book. I think it was set in the war and it was about an american girl moving to the country (maybe as an evacuee?). She didn't like it at first and then met a boy. I know that's vague but does anyone have any ideas????

TicketToHull Sat 22-Sep-12 14:26:54

Hmm, it's sounds a bit like Carrie's War, except Carrie wasn't American I don't think as useful as a chocolate teapot

SpangledPandemonium Sat 22-Sep-12 14:31:36

Summer of my german soldier? Or something

TunipTheVegemal Sat 22-Sep-12 14:36:08

Back Home by Michelle Magorian?

She's evacuated to America then comes home and her dad's really horrible. She's called Rusty.

MarathonMama Sat 22-Sep-12 14:39:47

Back home! That's the fella! Thank you Tunip - was it made into a TV series?

TunipTheVegemal Sat 22-Sep-12 14:41:37

Yes, it was dramatised with Sarah Lancashire as her mum. They did it very well. smile

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