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Any Laura Ingalls Wilder fans?

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moondog Sun 16-Sep-12 19:17:50

I visited the LIW house and museum in Missouri a few weeks ago and it was one of the most moving experiences ever. I made a detour of thousands of miles to see it.
If anyone loves her just as much as I do I wanted the chance to tell you about it so that you can savour every delicious detail.

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 16-Sep-12 20:17:59

I would really like to know if the museum had any more info on the family's real life than you can find on the net - I googled loads one time (after another MN thread!) but I've still got masses of questions.

skyebluesapphire Sun 16-Sep-12 20:18:15

I am 40 and I have just reread all the books . DD just destroyed one if them though :-(

There are also a couple of books written by the daughter.

Would love to hear about the museum

TunipTheVegemal Sun 16-Sep-12 20:19:43

Would love to hear about it!

Come on Moondog, spill.

mankyscotslass Sun 16-Sep-12 20:20:22

I think it's sad that Charles Ingalls line died out with the death of Rose Wilder Lane - none of his other children had children of their own.

And I seem to remember reading somewhere that Laura never visited with Ma again after the death of Pa, due to a family argument, but I only saw it mentioned once, and never again.

BertieBotts Sun 16-Sep-12 20:21:56

It's fascinating. I love how the tone changes as well, in the earlier books when Laura is ~4 and Mary is ~6 it's so innocent and everything is wondrous and new and amazing, and as she gets older she is more aware of other things going on until the last few where it's totally different.

I still haven't read all of them, I think I must start again from the beginning!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 16-Sep-12 20:22:01

Adored the books growing up. Rose Wilder Lane is the daughter, she wrote On The Way Home, telling the story of the later years. Also a book which I think was called Let The Wind Blow, technically fiction but based on her own life. Would love to hear about the museum.

spudmasher Sun 16-Sep-12 20:24:46

Big fan. Please share.

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 16-Sep-12 20:26:52

Really?! manky that seems really sad if she never visited her mother, I wonder what happened if it's true.

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 16-Sep-12 20:27:12

madam - Let the Hurricane Roar?

MissAnnersley Sun 16-Sep-12 20:28:55

I've read that too manky. Really sad.

IslaValargeone Sun 16-Sep-12 20:41:17

Gosh, didn't realise there were so many.Thanks LRD.

Woodlands Sun 16-Sep-12 20:47:37

I'm a fan too, would love to hear!

ScatterChasse Sun 16-Sep-12 20:51:41

I'd love to hear as well.

I must find the later books, I know I've read some but not all. I loved the idea of him playing the violin and singing as they went to sleep <soppy>

issimma Sun 16-Sep-12 20:52:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SeaShellsMyDogTrulySmells Sun 16-Sep-12 20:52:21

Loved the books as a child - never read them though, no idea where my copies have gone sad

Spill, would love to hear what it was like!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 16-Sep-12 20:57:33

That's it LRD!

sleeze Sun 16-Sep-12 21:01:51

Oh my! I read all the books as a teenager and love, love, loved them. I would love to visit the museum. MUST re-read....!

libelulle Sun 16-Sep-12 21:05:05

One of my fondest childhood memories is buying the first book in the series in a bookshop while on a camping holiday, aged about 7. Then when I'd finished that one, my dad got the next book out of the suitcase. And when I'd finished that one, he got out the next one... It took me about 3 books to work out that he'd bought the entire series for me! I spent the whole summer buried in them. Happy happy times smile <bookworm child>

Eglantyne Sun 16-Sep-12 21:06:39

Me! Recently reread all the books to dcs, and they were spellbound. I then bought all the books about Rose, the biography of Laura, book about all the Laura houses, and "The Wilder Life" by Wendy McClure, in which she visits all the Laura sites, even the dug-out at Plum Creek. (Wow, I do sound a bit obsessed. It's worn off again now though!)

Pleasenomorepeppa Sun 16-Sep-12 21:07:06

This thread has made me want to re-read them!! I've always remembered the snow candy! Right, off to Amazon!!

redrubyshoes Sun 16-Sep-12 21:12:25

I often wondered if there was a genetic defect in the mother's family line. Caroline and Charles had a son who died in infancy, Caroline had a brother who died in infancy and Laura had a son who died in infancy as did Rose - her daughter had a son who lived for a few months.

All the girls survived.

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 16-Sep-12 21:15:55

Right, I've tried google about the argument between Laura and Ma, and no joy ... come on, I am burning to know, does anyone else know?

I did always love the way she wrote about her relationship with her father, I thought that was lovely, especially the way she managed to put it across clearly that she wasn't very happy with her mother making her be 'ladylike' and her father would have loved a son - but still it doesn't come across as resentful or bitter on either side, just the reason why they had a strong bond.

HumphreyCobbler Sun 16-Sep-12 21:18:48

I am rather upset at the thought that Laura fell out with her mother sad

I agree LRD, there was a lovely relationship there between Laura and Pa.

showtunesgirl Sun 16-Sep-12 21:22:07

I used to LOVE these books. Need to get some in for DD when she's older!

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Sun 16-Sep-12 21:23:31

I've got a biography of LIW on the Kindle, I might reread it tonight to see if there is any mention of what happened between Laura and Ma

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