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Books similar to diary of a wimpy kid?

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jimblejambles Sun 09-Sep-12 09:51:44

Ds1 is 8 and loves the wimpy kid series but has read them all now. I would like to encourage him to carry on reading by himself. These are the first books he hasn't been able to put down so would like to find something along the same lines. Tia

oddslippers Sun 09-Sep-12 09:56:26

My ds enjoyed undead Ed after wimpy a bit gruesome but the humour appealed to him, big Nate is written in a similar style to wimpy kid but my ds didn't take to them, might be worth a go, likewise with Mr gum.

jimblejambles Sun 09-Sep-12 10:08:49

Thank you. Will take him to the library to see if we can find them smile

lljkk Sun 09-Sep-12 10:16:11

<<Cracks knuckles>>

Donut Diaries (hilarious, poo obsessed, mind, targeted at age 11-12 but fine for younger)
The Dork Diaries (very girly, best for age 10.5-13)
(The Brilliant World of) Tom Gate Diaries (3 of them & more to come, my 8yo just devoured, & he's not much one for reading, either)

All very popular in this house.

DunderMifflin Sun 09-Sep-12 10:20:51

Mr Gum books (there are loads of them) are really funny and silly - completely bonkers actually! I think they're really funny and so does DD (9yrs) who isn't really into girly stuff.

Another series to try are The Secret Benedict Society - kids being spies and outwitting evil adults. Really gripping - clues to work out, etc.

ScorpionQueen Sun 09-Sep-12 10:26:54

My DDs loved the Wimpy Kid books and are big fans of David Walliams. He is not just another celeb who has decided to churn out children's books for a few quid, he is an amazing writer.

TimrousBeastie Sun 09-Sep-12 10:32:33

I'd second tom gates. My daughter has visual stress and that makes her very reluctant to read-the tom gates series is the only books she's really read.

jimblejambles Sun 09-Sep-12 10:34:26

Thank you for all the suggestions. I did get him a David walliams book but he thought it was odd ( was the one about a boy in a dress)

amck5700 Sun 09-Sep-12 22:46:21

The cressida cowell - how to train your dragon books would be a good bet - slightly more reading in them but plenty of pictures etc.

Also, has he done the Captain Underpants books?

The war diaries of Alastair Fury - jamie Rix

Would the Jeremy strong books (my brothers famous bottom etc) be too young?

Any Griffiths Bum trilogy?

directoroflegacy Sat 22-Sep-12 15:57:31

Big Nate

hungryallthetime Fri 28-Sep-12 17:28:59

2nd Big Nate, my son loves these, although I'd love him to read some books in a different style to this. Haven't read the Boy in the Dress but he loves Billionaire Book, Gangsta Granny and Mr Stink by David Walliams and theres a new one just come out.

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