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Julia Donaldson's What the Ladybird Heard

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Elly1801 Tue 01-May-12 20:51:57

Hi all,

I'm stumped. I, and the rest of my family of five, have tried, unsuccessfully, to find the hidden ladybird promised on page of the above book where the aspiring robbers are taken away by the police. There is much tiny detail but no ladybird, or is there???

Anyone better than me? : )

FitByForty Tue 01-May-12 20:58:17

It's on the helmet of the policeman with the moustach - at least it is in my copy smile

One of our favourite bedtime stories!

An0therName Tue 01-May-12 21:01:13

It was recommended on another thread - and my 2 yo LOVES it -

TheHappyCamper Tue 01-May-12 21:05:58

It's also on the policeman's helmet in my copy too!

(I just snuck into dd's room while she slept for that grin)

Gapants Tue 01-May-12 21:08:07

Baaa baa baa said the fat red hen.

God I love that book.

Same as the others on the coppers helmet.

Elly1801 Tue 01-May-12 21:10:27

Thanks so much guys!! Especially for that intrepid dark-bedroom detective work, top marks!

neverquitesure Wed 02-May-12 19:39:42

This is one of our absolute, absolute favourite books (and has been given as a gift twice too). I can recite the whole thing at will which keeps DH and DC amused on car journeys.

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that there is one picture with TWO ladybirds on it? I forget which page it is, but there is a ladybird in the foreground then a really, really tiny one hiding on a fence post somewhere at the back. It's almost like they decided the tiny one was too hard to spot so added another one.

StealthPolarBear Wed 02-May-12 19:40:46

I don't think I've ever found that one - I sort of assumed it was the last page and shed got bored grin must look!

BikeRunSki Wed 02-May-12 19:44:09

Oh I didn't know about the hidden ladybirds!

neverquitesure Wed 02-May-12 20:02:56

I have extracted DD's copy from right next to her bed [tiptoe emoticon]

If anyone else has the Macmillan paperback version please turn to 'At dead of night the two bad men..' and tell me that you can see the second ladybird too?
The main ladybird is in the bush at the front but there is another imposter ladybird on the top of the blue fence post to the left of Lanky Len. It's not just me is it?

Elly1801 Thu 03-May-12 19:32:14

I will look for the second ladybird but in the meantime, I should clarify: the page on which I have trouble locating the ladybird is the one with the two robbers being taken away in the panda car.... Can anyone find it??

louloutheshamed Thu 03-May-12 19:41:29

We I've his book too, it was ds' absolute gave but now jack and the flumflum tree has taken over smile. It's on the helmet on ours too, and there are two on the at the dead of night page. What I always wondered is on the pages in the font and back when you can see the whole farm, is the ladybird in them?

Elly1801 Thu 03-May-12 19:43:17

Yeah, it's on one of those pages, I think, that I can't spot her. Will go and double check for the accompanying text (I need to get a life...; ) ) to be sure. Sorry to mislead y'all.

louloutheshamed Thu 03-May-12 19:50:06

Oh I see, no I can't find it on there either!

GrossePopel Thu 03-May-12 19:51:05

We love this book... But we had no idea about the hidden ladybirds!!! Can't go get it now, even though I want to, DS is asleep! smile

VickityBoo Thu 03-May-12 19:54:11

Fabulous book. smile I thought there was just one ladybird per page???hmm

neverquitesure Thu 03-May-12 20:54:12

Did you find the ladybird Elly? Are there variations across the different imprints?

On the page 'And the farmer woke and said, "Golly gosh!"' the ladybird in my edition is on the helmet of the policeman on the left. It's near the top of his helmet and is pretty small. My edition has glittery ladybirds, so you can run your fingers over the page if you are having trouble finding any of them.

Thanks loulou - I am not alone with my second ladybird on 'At the dead of night' grin I have also scoured the front and back 'spreads' in search of a ladybird but to no avail. After some time I finally came to the conclusion that the claim 'find the glittery ladybird on every page' is in fact complete bollocks erroneous and only applies to the actual story.

Elly1801 Thu 03-May-12 21:02:14

Yes, I think that's right. Harumph : ) Thanks all for checking tho. I've now found the teenyweeny second one though, thanks for tipping us off about that one : ))

pippinschic Wed 10-Oct-12 00:43:07

Hi, Im doing a review on this book for uni literacy paper. All post are very interesting and encouraged me to reflect more on the illustrations of the book. Hers what I found, with the help of all your messages - thank you! . I have the 2009 MacMillian copy.There are no Ladybirds on the front or back cover. The pages that you say there are 2 ladybirds - you are correct. `At the dead of night....` Also on the page being` and they both stepped into the duck pond..... there are 2 ladybirds( 1 flying away from the pond, and 1 on the cops hat. If you look at the illustrations tthroughout this book, most of the scenes run across both pages. But the pages mentioned above have two differant scenes for back ground - hence a ladybird for each scene! So therefor 1 ladybird per scene rather than 1 for each page.

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