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All parents of girls over 8yrs, come over here and help, please!

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timetosmile Mon 23-Apr-12 21:52:53

DD is 8 and enjoys reading.

She is not advanced/voracious/in need of 'stretching' hmm but when she gets into a book or series she likes, she will disappear for days until it is all read, then pick listlessly at a few library books for a week or so until she picks up something she really enjoys again.

The hits of the past six months have been:-

Darcy Bussell Magic Ballerina series
Alexander McCall Smith Akimbo series
EB Naughtiest girl
Katie Chase Littlest Princess series
Sophie and the Hidden Gems or some such name

We are now hurtling toward the last year at Malory Towers and I am wondering what might take her fancy next, any ideas...?

timetosmile Mon 23-Apr-12 22:24:32

bump? cos I am off to bed soon

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 23-Apr-12 23:48:44

If she likes ballet, and you can find them, the Lorna Hill "Sadler's Wells" ones are good - the later ones are hard to find and cost silly money, but A Dream of Sadler's Wells, Veronica at the Wells, No Castanets at the Wells, Masquerade at the Wells, and Jane Leaves the Wells are usually cheap and easy enough to find.
The Enid Blyton "Barney" Mysteries, or the "Adventure" series are good - I actually still re-read mine sometimes, when I need a "mindless comfort read" grin
The Rockingdown Mystery and The Island of Adventure are the first in each series.
Ingo and The Tide Knot are good, I forget who wrote them, but they are quite new - they're about two children who discover they are half mer-people.
Susan Cooper is gpod, The Boggart is a nice one for younger readers, the Dark is Rising series is brilliant but might be a little bit creepy/scary for 8 - you'd have to decide. Ignore that DIRE piece of crap film they made, the book is nothing like it!
A Little Princess maybe? the What Katy Did books? Little House books?

BackforGood Tue 24-Apr-12 00:05:45

Jeremy STrong writes some extremely funny books.
What about Dick King Smith books if she likes animals ?
er, can't think at the moment as it's a while since mine have been there.

pollywollydoodle Tue 24-Apr-12 00:12:28

dd really likes
goosebumps books
the "daisy and the trouble with..."series
oliver moon books...he's a trainee wizard and his enemies have great names like billy bogeywort...
the malcolm pines adventure books set in shropshire,the titles escape me
and a quirky book called henrietta by martine murray...

timetosmile Tue 24-Apr-12 08:41:48

Pom - I think we had similar childhoods!
DS (11) is enrapt by the Dark is Rising series (my 1980's ones!) and enjoyed the EB 'adventure' ones which I also reread!!
I still have the Little House on the Prairie ones in the loft so that's a great frree idea!

Back - she does like the JS books, I might get some more, thanks

Polly - oliver moon sounds worth a look too, thankyou

Portofino Tue 24-Apr-12 08:51:12

My 8yo dd loves Horrid Henry unfortunately.

milk Tue 24-Apr-12 09:05:15

Roald Dahl ftw grin

Belo Tue 24-Apr-12 09:05:47

How about the Wimpy Kid books? My DD1 (now 9) started on those last year and couldn't put them down. In fact, we had to tell her off for refusing to put them down! She has recently finished the 3 Dork Diary books and loved those too. She has also enjoyed the Indie Kidd books by Karen MacCombie and Dear Max by Sally Grindly.

AutumnSummers Tue 24-Apr-12 09:07:49

Charolotte's Web by E. B. White. I read that when I was 8 it's the book that spawned my initial love of reading.

tashahol Tue 24-Apr-12 09:13:59

Has she read the rainbow fairy books?

SkiBumMum Tue 24-Apr-12 09:17:51

Anne of Green Gables
Little Women, Jo's Boys etc
St Clairs
The original Nancy Drew stories ( they sexed her up I seem to recall)
There are some Judy Blume books aimed at younger kids SuperFudge, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

When on holiday in Canada recently I discovered Amelia Bedelia. Very cleverly written.

EnjoyResponsibly Tue 24-Apr-12 09:20:30

If she like Malory Towers, you could also try the chalet school books, there are loads on Amazon.

Bramshott Tue 24-Apr-12 09:20:31

Ooh, I have a whole set of the Sadlers Wells books - I must dig them out for DD1 (9). She is currently on book 4 of Harry Potter (and in the grips of a full-blown HP obsession) but also enjoys Famous Five / Secret Seven a lot.

OddBoots Tue 24-Apr-12 09:21:26

After Mallory Towers my dd (then 8) moved on the Harry Potter, she has just turned 9 and has now read them all (at least twice each) so is reading Michael Morpurgo books.

alison222 Tue 24-Apr-12 09:38:25

DD loves the "Daisy" books, Jeremy strong some of the younger Jaqueline Wilson book, and is currently reading Little house on the Prairie.
I remember so many of the books listed above.
Also DD likes the Mr Gum series,

TimrousBeastie Tue 24-Apr-12 09:45:11

My dd has visual stress which makes her very reluctant to read however in the past couple of months shes read all of the tom gates books (by liz pichon).
She also likes the mega mash up series where they draw in the book and write what the characters are saying.

actiongirl1978 Tue 24-Apr-12 09:46:52

Hi I don't have an eight year old yet (mine is 4) but if you can find them there was a series of books I read while growing up called 'Drina Ballerina'. They were ace, I was never into ballet but I loved the books. I read them around the same time as Mallory towers and st clares etc so I am certain they would be age appropriate.

lisad123 Tue 24-Apr-12 09:49:43

My dd loved the magic kitten and magic puppy series.
Now on secret seven and famous five.

dublindee Tue 24-Apr-12 09:50:32

The Tom McCaughren books about Vicky and Black Tip the foxes. Run To Earth etc etc.
Also if she likes Fairies the Rainbow Magic series is legendary according to my niece!!!
You've also got the Wishing Chair stories by Enid Blyton.
Ooh and the Faraway Tree series as well... I loved reading about Silky and Moonfaces adventures!

Nursee007 Tue 24-Apr-12 11:21:51

Roald Dahl would be perfect for her about now.
The worst Witch series is lovely and very readable
ANYTHING by Enid Blyton....specially the Faraway Tree

Seeline Tue 24-Apr-12 11:29:49

My DD(7) loves the Molly Moon books
Also Pippi Longstocking
The Borrowers
Roman Mysteries
Faraway Tree and Magic Wishing Chair

pollywollydoodle Tue 24-Apr-12 13:00:25

asked dd what she liked best and she added mr stink and gangsta granny by david walliams (in fact if you can get audiobook versions they are great for long journeys for the whole family)

mrsearley Tue 24-Apr-12 21:28:35

votes for Judy Moody, Ramona and Beezus, and the Demon Headmaster - all read and re-read a hundred times

milk Wed 25-Apr-12 08:33:17

Ramona Quimby, Aged 8 by Beverly Cleary

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