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Terry Pratchett - suitable for a 10-yr old?

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florenceuk Mon 28-Nov-11 13:26:12

DS (10) loves Terry Pratchett. He has read all the kid's books and is now wanting to move onto the Discworld novels. Has anybody actually read these books (I have never touched one) - is there anything "unsuitable" in any of them? They look harmless enough to me. DS fairly oblivious to most relationship stuff (he refers to it as "marrying"), so mild innuendo probably OK!

GiganticusBottomus Tue 29-Nov-11 21:24:11

I am a huge Pratchett fan and I can't remember the 'c' word being in ANY of his books, neither can dh. I would be surprised if it was. His books are very clever and humourous and don't require shock value to prop up the plots.

I would be happy with my 10yr old reading disc world but as others have advised, start with Guards Guards!

GiganticusBottomus Tue 29-Nov-11 21:33:52

Aaaah. Good Omens, superb book. Crawley is a fantastic character. I do love TP.

GrimmaTheNome Tue 29-Nov-11 21:46:04

Nope, I can't remember the c word anywhere - its just not TPs style.

My DD is 12 and we've read all the junior TPs except 'I shall wear midnight' (which I'm going to get her for xmas) and Johnny and the Dead because I can't find it. I say 'we' because she still likes me to read to her at bedtime so that's when I choose books I like too. Having exhausted the available supply we're now halfway into The Colour of Magic - we tried it last year and she didn't get into it (it does take an awfully long time to get into) but this year she's evidently hooked enough to hang in there.

FairyOnTheXmasTreeMcFlouncer Wed 07-Dec-11 13:16:43

Grimma, Johnny and the Dead is on ebay but ends today:

GrimmaTheNome Wed 07-Dec-11 13:39:47

Thanks, but I know its in the house somewhere! Either in DDs pit bedroom or dump playroom.

FairyOnTheXmasTreeMcFlouncer Wed 07-Dec-11 14:15:38

Ahh, I thought you meant you couldn't track a copy down!

Arlingstone Sat 04-May-13 19:44:32

I'd be happy for my daughter to read Terry Pratchett and she does. The only thing would be they might be a bit advanced for a 10 year old, but maybe not. There's nothing unsuitable that I've ever seen, and I've read loads of Pratchett.

We're just reading some junior Pratchetts (Bromeliad and Maurice) to our DCs at bedtime at the moment. I agree that the start of I Shall Wear Midnight (along with the corpses and the dead baby in Nation) is pretty much the most horrible thing I can remember in any of his books. Personally I wouldn't stop DD (nearly 11) from going onto read the "adult" ones if she wanted, but neither would I actively suggest them to her, I'd say the ideal age to start reading them is probably 13-15, but if a slightly younger child was keen then that would be fine.

I'd heartily recommend Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge to any pre-teen who loved the junior Pratchetts by the way - it's much in the same vein as Maurice, but a bit more meaty.

MiaowTheCat Fri 24-May-13 12:37:11

DD1 used to have to sleep in a cot downstairs during daytime naps as my SPD was godawful expecting her sister... her party trick became reaching through the bars to pull the Pratchett bookshelf contents off.

For what it's worth - Guards Guards was deemed most gummable by a 9 month old.

Personally I prefer the Death books (I find the Vimes ones somewhat overrated but I know I'm rather on my own on that opinion)

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