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'Class Book' for seven year olds

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stleger Fri 14-Oct-11 14:06:04

Any suggestions for a recently published book which a teacher could 'do' with a mixed class (by gender, ability etc) of seven year olds?

AKMD Sat 15-Oct-11 09:17:43

Eoin Colfer has published some books for a younger audience. He is very popular with boys and girls so would be a safe bet. I recently sent The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth to my 7yo nephew, who loves it. It's very short though (92 pages).

Is there a particular reason why it has to be recently published? My first thought was a Roald Dahl book.

Takver Sun 16-Oct-11 09:24:10

This is nice - good story but also the hero does lots of solving problems & helping people, so I would think lots to talk about.

Beanbagz Wed 19-Oct-11 09:10:34

Anything by Jeremy Strong!

My Mum's Going to Explode!, My Brother's Famous Bottom and The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog have all gone down well in our house and we take it in turns to read chapters in the car on long journeys (i have DD9 and DS6).

If you look on Amazon it list what the most recently published.

JiltedJohnsGhoulie Thu 20-Oct-11 10:53:12

Was wondering why it had to be recently published too.

How about Gangsta Granny by David Walliams?

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