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Fab books on the Egyptians/Victorians???

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MrsHeffley Fri 23-Sep-11 19:26:58

For ds 7/8

Tenebrist Fri 23-Sep-11 19:39:38

The Horrible Histories series goes down well in this household (there's one called Villainous Victorians but I can't remember the Egyptians title). Obviously, it's not to be taken over-seriously, but my DC have retained a remarkable number of factoids from those books.

TantePiste Fri 23-Sep-11 21:38:46

Elizabeth Phillips' Amelia Peabody series - victorian archeologists in egypt - fiction with humor/romance/suspense.

madamehooch Sat 24-Sep-11 07:48:56

'The Egyptian Chronicles' by Gill Harvey is an excellent series - a sort of Roman mysteries but for slightly younger readers. The first book is 'The Spitting Cobra'.

newtermnewname Sun 25-Sep-11 19:44:30

"History Spies" by Jo Foster.

Highly recommended.

beautifulbooks Mon 26-Sep-11 18:36:19

Message deleted

MosEisley Tue 27-Sep-11 22:35:51

There are some Usbourne lift the flap type books on these subjects - DS1 has a few in the series. Bought on internet more cheaply than shop.

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