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Puberty/sex-ed book for 11yo DS

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LadyGago Sat 17-Sep-11 20:34:18

Can I have your recommendations for a decent puberty/sex ed book for my 11yo DS please. He knows the basics, but gets very embarrassed talking to me about it, so I know he would appreciate a book appearing on his desk to answer some of his questions!

BurningBridges Sat 17-Sep-11 22:41:08

My 10 year old DD has this, I think its just right for someone who already knows "the basics".

BurningBridges Sat 17-Sep-11 22:41:52

Sorry, posted US link! But its available on Amazon UK and places like Waterstones etc.

LadyGago Sun 18-Sep-11 08:20:06

Thanks for that! have ordered it!

blouseenthusiast Sun 18-Sep-11 08:30:32

I might send for that for my nearly 11 y/o. When do they have some school ed on this? I realised my Ds didn't really know what puberty was or anything about menstruation etc etc...

seeker Sun 18-Sep-11 08:33:24

They should have had the basics in year 5- I would check with the school.

blouseenthusiast Sun 18-Sep-11 08:38:55

Thanks, seeker, I feel a bit silly. I started discussing it all with him - he is a bit squeamish about me raising it - and he really seemed to know virtually nothing. Many girls in his class are visibly pubescent but he tells me they had some information about drugs in Y5 but nothing about puberty...

Sofabitch Sun 18-Sep-11 08:42:07

We have "on your marks get set grow" and it's fantastic. I would recommend it

seeker Sun 18-Sep-11 08:52:25

Well, if the school is followingnthe national curriculum, he should have had a video about growing up and puberty in year 5 (younwould have got a letter asking for consent for him to watch it) it's ok- covers the basics, including periods and things., but certainly needs topping up with a book of some sort. Or a barrage of detailed questions, if you happen to be the owner of a particularly uninhibited 10 year old, as I am!

blouseenthusiast Sun 18-Sep-11 11:05:42

Hmm, no letter, no video. I wonder if the cultural makeup of the school may have caused this to get put back?

seeker Sun 18-Sep-11 11:37:38

Wouldn't have thought so- it's an NC requirement, although parents can withdraw their child if they want. Maybe they are planning on doing it in year 6 instead? I would check with the school.

blouseenthusiast Sun 18-Sep-11 12:17:03

I will, thanks, seeker. I think DS would feel more comfortable with a lesson than with my explanations about puberty.
Sample: Me: It's a time when you get sweatier.
DS: Well i do get quite a sweaty head.
Me: Er, no not your head so much...

Takver Sun 18-Sep-11 15:17:31

If I have it right, in dd's school they do the full 'growing up and puberty' talk in yr 6, taken by a nurse (I think - certainly someone from outside the school) but include yr 5 children 'depending on the maturity and make up of the year group' (mixed yr 5/yr 6 class). Don't know if it is different because we're in Wales, though.

We've got 'What's Happening to Me' which I thought was very good and just struck the right note. There's a whole page of 'growing up' books here (the bookshop owner is a MNer too and very helpful smile ).

beautifulbooks Mon 26-Sep-11 19:05:08

Message deleted

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