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bedtime book for new baby

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golemmings Mon 22-Aug-11 19:57:02

DD (now 2) has always had bedtime stories - one, two and now 3 books but we have always finished with The Big Night Night Book by Georgie Birkitt which is fab. Even at a couple of weeks old it helped her calm down ready for sleep and now she recites bits of it to her toys and dolls when she's putting them to bed.

DC2 is now imminent and we are now looking for a similar book for him/her. Has anybody got any recommendations? What did your very small children respond well to as a bedtime story?

cheekyginger Mon 22-Aug-11 20:07:50

I came across a book recommend by a magazine.

Its called "Goodnight moon" by Margaret Wise Brown and someone else. It's a little board book and is really simple and short. The words seem to work like magic with our wee one. We've been reading it to him since he was about 2 wo and it works a treat. He's now 16 weeks and it still works a treat. Sometimes have to read it a couple of time as it is quite short. But it seems to lull him to sleep everytime (lucky us!!)

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