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books to read aloud to two boys, aged 7 and 4

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time4tea Thu 18-Aug-11 20:25:35


My pair of boys have been enjoying Harry Potter but are now finding it a bit scary, and I was worrying that DS2 was not getting too much of it...

I'm looking for some recommendations of books I can read aloud to both of them - any thoughts? we've got through Mr Gum (all of them!) and all of Roald Dahl.

thanks T4T

jongleuse Thu 18-Aug-11 21:23:08

Presume you're not desperate to read Horrid Henry or Astrosaurs?
Golden oldies that DS (6) and I have both enjoyed include Mr Majeika, The Worst Witch, the Uncle books which have been reissued and Professor Branestawm has gone down a treat tonight.
Newer books-hmm you've done Mr Gum. Bare Bum Gang, Anthony McGowan went down well, as did Ottoline Chris Riddell.

cazzybabs Thu 18-Aug-11 21:41:06

secret seven
moomins (might be a little grown up for the 4 year old)
Dick King Smith books
How to train your dragon books
Stig of the dump
Flat Stanley

Wallace Fri 19-Aug-11 21:35:14

I just came on to ask about chapter books to read to my 5 year old ds and saw this. How did I forget about Roald Dahl ! hmm

EdithWeston Fri 19-Aug-11 21:39:24

Just William? Flat Stanley? Humphrey Hamster? Charlie Small?

festi Fri 19-Aug-11 21:42:47

I am reading "the magic far away tree" books to dd 5, she loves them and keeps up with the story from each chapter, she talks about and dramatises it when playing and draws the characters etc. Has become a hugh thing for her.

I picked them up in a charity shop along with the magic wishing chair.

I do need some suggestions also for our next reads?

festi Fri 19-Aug-11 21:44:09

Oh I just thought of Lemony Snickets.

RosieRed Wed 24-Aug-11 13:51:07

If you like Mr Gum, maybe Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton? It's simpler and it's a scream - quite sweet but still very funny. We went ot see him the other day at Seven Stories in Newcastle. Eeek - so funny!

RosieRed Wed 24-Aug-11 13:51:51

Oh, and just remembered (I love Amazon for remembering things) The Story of Matthew Buzzington, also by Andy Stanton. Not that I'm obsessed, or anything... ;o)

Wallace Thu 25-Aug-11 21:07:52

Ds2 is loving The Twits. Must remember about this thread for the next book smile

susylou Sun 18-Sep-11 22:25:14

our DS loved the jeremy strongs etc. but he also liked the laura ingalls wilder stories, read in sequence, certainly until the Long Winter. although they are about girls, the experiences are so graphically described (and you can actually follow them to make models etc) that they cover the age ranges you've got there. Pioneering is exciting and the fact that they are nearly eaten by wolves or massacred adds enchantment at this distance.

a fun short book is ferdinand the bull, very funny with magnificent illustrations. (apparently banned by the Nazis!).

Kate seredy's the good master was also a favourite; again the descriptions are so good that you feel you can make the things she mentions. the singing tree about WW1 is grimmer but interesting.

The historical series of the children of green knowe by lucy boston is set around a house that you can still visit. they are about ghosts but they are mainly pretty unscary.

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