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Books I wish I could find for my pre-schooler

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MogandMe Wed 17-Aug-11 19:03:01

My DC is 3.10 and very interested in the world around him, there's always a question or just a general interest in a specific topic. We go to the library a couple of times a week and pick up books to share, this month I have struggled to find

* A book about what animals make what food - after an interesting dinner time conversation.
There were lots of cookery books, and books about food but nothing young enough or explaining about pork/pigs.
* A book about babies and growing up without the whole puberty/where babies come from.
Again lots of books for 8+ about bodies and puberty and a couple of mummy laid an egg etc - but currently we're just interested in the baby -toddler - big boy - grown up process.

So any ideas or are there books that you also wish you could find for your pre-schooler.


Takver Wed 17-Aug-11 20:39:50

We had a book when dd was little that I think would have met your last one. Annoyingly I can't remember the title, but it was an Usborne book, A4 sized, and it followed the same baby from newborn through to about 4 years old with loads and loads of pictures. Each 'stage' had a double page spread, so things like learning to crawl, learning to pull up and stand, starting to enjoy things like dressing up etc etc.
DD really liked it, it was one of her favourite books for quite a while.

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