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Books for 4 yr old girl?

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Lexiejack Tue 19-Jul-11 10:39:08

I'm looking for some new books for my step daughter who's 4. Would prefer a series of books that way when she's with us I can get a new one for the next visit etc. Most of the books we have currently she's outgrown. Did try Enid blyton's Amelia Jane book with her but think it was a bit dated for her sad any suggestions would be brilliant!!

Takver Tue 19-Jul-11 11:09:45

Dick King Smith's Sophie books might hit the spot? IIRC Sophie is 4 in the first book, and the stories follow her til she is about 6. I'm not sure when they date from (maybe 80s?) but certainly much less old fashioned than Enid Blyton.

Or what about Anna Hibiscus - lovely stories, there are quite a few of them now I think (newish series), and I would imagine any little girl would like them.

Lexiejack Tue 19-Jul-11 11:21:51

I loved the Sophie books!! Think I'll give them a try. Thank you

munstersmum Wed 20-Jul-11 16:30:34

If she likes animals Mud Puddle Farm is a series by Michael Morpurgo.

NerfHerder Wed 20-Jul-11 16:40:57

My Naughty Little Sister?

ramade Wed 20-Jul-11 16:52:22

Emily Brown (think there are three of them) by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton.

Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

Anything by julia donaldson and axel scheffler (they've written lots!)

wearymum200 Wed 20-Jul-11 19:06:46

The worst witch
Magic wishing chair
Paddington (the original, longish chapter ones)
Ponder and william

Beamur Wed 20-Jul-11 19:14:23

Winnie the Witch - Valerie Thomas/Corky Paul
Other Corky Paul books also v good - The duck that had no luck, Digger the Dog..
We've recently read a few Roald Dahl books to our DD (also 4) and she loved The Twits.
Other liked books here:
Percy the Park Keeper - Nick Butterworth
Burglar Bill - Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Most Julia Donalson books
John Burninham books
She loved the 'Little Rabbit' books by Harry Horse (so did DP)
Dr Seuss book - 'The Places you'll go' is current favourite

deaconblue Thu 21-Jul-11 20:48:00

Katie morag stories are lovely.
Dd is mental about princess poppy stories ( I find them I bit meh but she's a girly girl and really enjoys them)

zeus123 Thu 21-Jul-11 23:05:11

My dd is really enjoying teddy Robinson stories. It is really nice to read for me as well.

hellymelly Thu 21-Jul-11 23:30:10

I second my naughty little sister,my four year old Dd is really enjoying them.

Frawli Fri 05-Aug-11 21:03:55

Ooh I'd forgotten Ponder and William!

I used to like Mrs Pepperpot stories, they do versions with lots of pictures in them now too. I wasn't sure if they'd be too old for my DS (4) but he enjoyed them.

musttidyupmusttidyup Fri 05-Aug-11 21:35:43

Anyone got suggestions for 4 yr old boy? I read to mine together (baby, 2 and 4) and feel like need to move on with 4 yr old a bit...

ggpp Sat 06-Aug-11 17:51:21

Pddington and the Worst Witch as mentioned are good. Not sure on ages, everyone is different.

carrotgold Sat 06-Aug-11 21:14:36

For a short book, my children love Granny's Special Garden - Its a timeless one!

rushofbloodtothefeet Sat 06-Aug-11 21:18:26

Beatrix Potter
We have started Roald Dahl with our 4 year old, she is loving The BFG read as a chapter book

musttidyupmusttidyup Sat 06-Aug-11 21:28:32

Thanks all will get on amazon.

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