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Has anyone recorded their own audiobook?

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kwinmum Mon 18-Jul-11 22:18:33

Hiya, first time chatting on here. My dd(10), and ds(8), read well independantly, but I still read to them nightly because I love doing all the daft voices etc (they seem to like it too!). On long car journeys they enjoy audiobooks, and ds asked me tonight if I could make him some cds for our holiday or could read out loud in the car. I explained that I'd love to read to him..... but would likely puke!! Has anyone recorded their own? Was it tricky? Any top tips?

Takver Tue 19-Jul-11 09:07:16

Yes, but only when dd was very small (maybe 2 or 3). Also for in the car - she liked being read to but much preferred a voice she knew & I get carsick too.

I did it with a tape recorder (this was quite a while back!) - just had the tape running while I read stories to dd.

I should imagine it would be much easier now, my cheapy MP3 player has an internal mike, records reasonably good quality, and you can transfer it to anything then of course.

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